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Middie is Bleeding from her Vagina... and i'm not sure what this could be... it just started suddenly.. it stopped.. but i'm worried.. she cleaned it up and went back to feeding her babies.. should i pass a warm cloth on it? and is her bleeding normal since she just recently gave birth?

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small amounts of blood for the first week to 10 days is normal , as long as its not loads , and i think you could tell if it was , then this is normal. i think they say as long as its no more then a tea spoon at a time then all is fine.
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OH thank you, it was certainly less than a teaspoon.. thank you.. wow.. thank you.. i can't take anymore disappointment's after April died yesterday..
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im still so sorry about little april . im glad i put your mind at ease . just remember if any worrys just post it here and someone will answer you as soon as they can. or really worried phone your vet , they will give advise over the phone.
how are the littlens doing today?
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Thank you... I feel more at ease now... Just relaxing not thinking about it tooo much.
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yes dont worry a little is normal.just keep an eye on litter babies-how are they?cuddles to them
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