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Tuesday's DT

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Has one of these already been started? If so, oops

I had a bad cold last week, and the cough has lingered. I went to the doctor today, and found out I have bronchitis and asthmatic reaction to colds. So, my lungs are wheezy and coughy and sore. But, I have an inhaler AND robitussin with codeine. It's going to be a good night!

The weather is cruddy here, cloudy and overcast. It makes being sick even worse. I think I'll snuggle with Ivo, a good book and have a quiet evening. I hope everyone else's is good!

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We're at 71 and sunny. Took advantage of the nice weather to work on Ike's leash training. We just went around the block but, he did pretty well. He doesn't like cars going by but, we'll work on that. He, also, wanted to mix it up with the boxer down the street. Fortunately, the boxer is behind a fence and that no-pull harness makes it easy for me to control Ike.

Haven't gone to vote, yet. Bill voted by mail but my ballot never came. I hope the county recorder's office hasn't messed up my registration.

Dinner will be easy - I have a roast in the crock pot.

Rowdy spent the night, snuggled up with me and was tightly against my chest, when I woke up. I can't say that I blame her - it got down to 37, last night. Bill is going to have to service the furnace, this week.

Have a good one!
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Christy - it sounds like you have what I pretty much had! Have a hot toddy and go to bed!

I am having a crappy day. They have me doing something at work I haven't done in close to 8 months - it is so frustrating trying to remember all af that particulars (it involve gov't policies, procedures and legislation). It is hurting my head!

I just spilled my large glass of ice water all over my desk. Fortunately it didn't hit the computer or my phone. Also fortunate was I am not at my own desk, or it would have gone over all of my resource materials.

I have spent the last 2 nights studying for a test I have on Friday. I have a test for a potential better job with the gov't. I am having trouble remembering specific parts of legislation. The job has more responsiblity and better pay and I would be on the internet less. I will study tonight also (but I still want to watch Smallville and go for a walk).

I hope everyone esle is having a good day!
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I'm having fun today trying to remember how to use my sewing maching. I usually sew by hand, as it's quicker than setting up the machine and fighting it. The first seam I did went great, but the second I've had to rip out 4-5 times already. I'm about ready to give up and hand sew again. grrrr. Other than that, I have nothing to do today, other than keeping Mike working on his homework. One good thing... Got the usual junk mail envelope full of coupons, decided to go through it *just in case* and guess what! Found a coupon for Cat Spay for $33 INCLUDING exam! The place I usually take my kitties is 34.95 and that doesn't include the pre-op exam! Now I can get Boo next week for sure!
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I thought I was getting sick this morning, but this afternoon I feel fine. I may just be paranoid about getting what Earl had. He's finally better today. I think I'm just tired, although I did get a good night's sleep last night.

It's finally nice outside. After being below freezing for almost 2 weeks, even 40 degrees feels like a heat wave.

I am going to vote after work. I really hate this election, or at least the political ads that were on. There was really only one candidate who actually came out and said "This is what I stand for." The rest were too busy bashing the other guy to say anything about themselves. Don't they realize that those campaigns are what turns people off from voting? I'm glad it's over.
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Ady...good luck with your test on friday. I'm sure you'll do well.

Christy and Ady: Guess we're all fighting something similar. It seems to linger around for a while. Myself, I was supposed to go back to the doctors tomorrow but they switched my appointment from 9:00am, which was perfect, to 10:30am, which is not. So, I cancelled and asked for one for next week. Guess I'll know how things are progressing next week only.

Both my boys have a cold now. Steven is worse and I have to watch him carefully as he is prone to pneumonia (wonder who he gets that from ) His cough is a constant, every 10 second kind. Poor little guy. He's been home for the past 2 days and I'm thinking I may just keep him home the rest of the week.

Work is a little hectic right now. Boss is out of town and it always seems that everything happens when I'm alone. *sigh*

Speaking of work: Had my yearly review and it was a great one. I don't know why I was so nervous but it's over and now I have new goals to work on for next years!!! Have no idea what the increase is yet. Seems they haven't worked out the percentage so far. But, whatever is great. I'll take it!

Have a great evening everyone.

Tonight, I have to process my Avon order. It should keep me busy for a couple of hours. Christmas orders are always busier and I really enjoy them. Especially when I receive my shipment. It feels like christmas to me each time. Problem is, I don't get to keep any of it.

Talk soon!
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Myste, Heidi, I didn't see your posts until after I posted mine.

Heidi, hope you aren't coming down with anything. Sending you "do not get sick vibes"

And Myste, I just have to tell you my sewing machine story.
When my mom passed away 2 years ago, the one thing I really wanted to keep with me was her sewing machine. I had so many visions of sewing curtains and making my own clothes. Well....let me tell you this. First, I had no idea why the machine had a pedal. Bizarre, I thought. But then...I figured it out and thought "This can't be THAT hard". I began by practicing on a piece of material. After fighting with it for approx. 1/2 hour, I gave up, slammed the machine back into it's desk. A couple of weeks later, one of my friends stopped by and she asked to see the machine. I proudly pulled it back out and set it up. I also told her I could never sew with it. She sat down and decided to give it a try. After 2 seconds she did something that completely shocked me. She placed the "foot thingy" down that holds the material in place. Right then and there I decided.....I should stay away from sewing machines. The only good outcome is that, with that one gesture, I finally understood why understood why my material
had given me such a hard time when I tried to sew a straight line.
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It seems like everyone these days has the cold virus. I have been fighting a cold for about 5 days now and it only seems to be getting worse. I've blown my nose so many times that it feels like its gonna fall of. Its so red and dry. :rednose:

I'm off to vote later when I get off work, then its home to cook dinner, then off to school for about 2 1/2 hours. Some days I just don't feel like going to school, and today is one of those days. But, I have no choice because we are reviewing for our test on Thurs.

I am sending get better vibes to everyone who is sick. Have a good day everyone and try to stay warm! :flower:
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What a mad evening. Ken has found out he has to fly to Germany for a hastily arranged business meeting and has been thrashing the laptop to get his presentation ready.

I've been the good wifey, cooking dinner, ironing the clothes he needs to take, and generally sorting him out.

Tomorrow, while he's away, a friend and I are going to try and get to a gig (in a little club literally down the road from me), to see Hugh Cornwell - ex lead singer of the Stranglers (for us older ones . . .)

Aparantly he'll be doing loads of the 'old faves' which'll be great!

Bit of a mad evening alltogether, poor kitties are confused coz they've not been played with much so far.

Ken's just getting over his foul cold, and I think I'm coming down with it. Being a smoker colds always get me really badly. Is it me, or does the world seem to be catching a cold and spreading it around constantly?

Maybe it's transmitted via the internet . . . (oooh - how creepy, ultimate germ warfare)!!
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Today was a nice change of pace from how things have been going for me. I get to work and one of my co-workers told me that the dr. switched everyone's hours. I cringed because I have the perfect schedule and I had mentioned to him a while ago that I did not want my hours toyed with....

Anyhow this morning the boss called me downstairs to tell me that everyone's hours had been switched and that mine pretty much stayed the same. I asked what he meant by "pretty much" and he said since so and so(The tech who is verbally and physically abusive to some of the animals) had her hours cut way back and you will be taking on more responsibility I'm giving you a raise.

HOLY CRAP! I was not expecting that! And the best part(If anyone had read the 'venting thread' you'll get this) is that I was going to have a talk with him about this tech but I guess someone beat me to the punch. **does a little happy dance**

Christy, I hope you feel better soon. Everyone seems to be feeling under the weather lately. Tis the season.
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Jessica that is great!!! I'll do a happy dance with you! Just don't laugh! Amazing how those situations can change so quickly. I'm glad you weren't the only one with a problem with how she treats the animals. You would think that in a vet office there would be no room for that, but I'm not in charge. And a raise to boot! You definitely deserve it with everything you have put up with at that job.
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Get well, all of you! Jessica, I had that jerk pictured as a man. I guess I thought a woman's protective instinct would have prevented such actions. I still think she deserved to be fired and reported to the humane society. I'm very pleased for you, though.

Good luck with the test Ady. Have a great night, everyone!
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To all who are feeling under the weather...get better soon vibes coming your way!

Jessica...great news on the job front. Congrats!

Weather was nice here in DE today. About 55 and sunny...can't complain about that in Novmeber. Work was VERY busy, but that is OK. Job security plus the day flys by when you don't have time to "clock watch".

Am looking forward to watching "24" tonight. My absolute FAVORITE show right now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...Kiefer Sutherland!

Had leftovers for dinner...which is OK cause I cooked an awesome roast beef in the slow cooker yesterday (Mike was home so he kept an eye on it for me...I would never leave a cooker on when no one was home)...and it was so yummy! Plus I got home a little late so it was nice to have something already prepared that I could just heat up!

All in all...it was a good day. :tounge2:

XOXO from Jedi!!!
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Ghyslaine - I had to laugh! I'm lucky enough to have grown up in a house with a mom who sewed. I had lots of fun sewing throughout my life. Gary bought me a sewing machine for my Birthday two years ago...but where I'd ever set it up or use it in here - especially for an on-going project, I have no idea! But I am now well prepared for when we move into a stationary home. LOL!

Ady - good luck. It's so hard to study (and retain) when you don't feel well - are you saying that you're all better? That would be wonderful news!

Christy - did you ever get your Lord of the Rings set back from your friend? Will you ever get to curl up with it?

Jessica - what terrific news!!!!! It's threads like this that make me want to wait to the end of the day to see what's been going on with everyone.

Jeanie - I had that person pictured as a man too. Hmmmmmmmmmm.......

Cindy - I'm having a hard time pulling sympathy out of the hat for your cold nights! :tounge2: You have pulled the "na-na-na-na-na-naaaa" before!

Myste - get that cat spayed! Great news!

Ghyslaine - take care of yourself and those cute litte boys!

Christy, Heidi, Ghyslaine, Spooky, Yola - please get rest and get better! It sure seems like the cold and flu season started really early this year. Sending chicken soup thoughts to all of you!

We had to head into the city early today. Had a third "interview" (it's more like negotiations at this point) this afternoon with one of the companies we've been talking to. We have two more tomorrow - one's a new one, and one's another third meeting. But tomorrow doesn't start until late afternoon, so instead of being an "early" day tomorrow, it'll be a late one. That means we can get some sleep tonight!

enjoy the rest of your evenings, get lots of rest, and have sweet dreams!
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Carla - pot roast is probably one of my favorite things! Yummm! I always put LOTS of celery, carrots and some potato and onions in. MMMMMM good!
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You know Jeanie I thought it was funny that in your post on the other thread you kept refer to this person as 'him'. I guess when you think of something like that you picture a man behind it but it's a woman. Suprise suprise!

Weeee!! I'm still feeling silly from my day, excuse me while I continue dancing.
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I'm soooo happy for you Jessica!

But, I am too exhausted to dance. Forgive me while I send my buddies here to do the job for me. :blubturq:
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Great news Jessica! You really deserve it and I am glad you didn't have to make waves to get that horrid person gone!
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