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Does your cat come to your rescue?

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Over the last few days we realized that if Reeses' thinks one of us is in trouble, she'll come running and investigate. It started when I was teasing my wife. She's really ticklish so of course I was taking advantage. She started yelling "Aaaaaah! Reeses, help! Kitty boo! Aaaaah!" and Reeses ran into the room and stood up at the couch nose to nose with her as if to say "Are you ok??".

So now my wife can just yell for her and she comes running. "Aaah! Kitty! Help!" and she comes running into the room. A few times she's jumped on the back of the couch as if to surprise whoever was causing one of us problems Last night my wife was in bed and she yelled for her just to see if she'd come, and Reeses ran down the hall, ran under the bed and jumped on her nightstand so she could get in my wife's face *lol*

When I do it, she comes running by she looks at my dead in the face and meows as if to say either "What?" or "Shut up!"
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I got dizzy and half fainted in the living room the other day, Sho walked up to me and did his questioning "hmmm?" noise while poking me with his paw. Probably wondering if I was still alive.

I've never called for a kitty to help me so I don't know if they'd come to that or not.
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That is soo sweet! What a good kitty you have!!!! Three of mine do that - Abilene (now my mom's kitty) is soooo sweet about "saving" us. If she hears a noise and we're in another room than her, she'll come running full speed and stop right beside us and look at us and go "meep meep" hehe it's sooo sweet- it's like she's asking us if everything's ok. Jasmine and Kojak do something similar- they'll run up to you if they "loose you" in the house or can't find you and they'll stay right by your side and "protect" you from those evil gnomes who like to run off with the remote or try to steal mommy's lap by being Super Lap Cats! Hehe they're the heroes of the lap cat world They'll protect me as long as it involves head scratches and sitting in my lapVelvet and Isabella could care less- they're royality
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My Clyde doesn't get overly excited, but he will come check me out and give me nosekisses if I seem to be upset. Pearl, on the other hand, is all over me! Bless her little heart, she'll just climb right up my clothes to get into my face with her querulous little mew? mew? mew?

Love these kitties dearly.
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Gimpoche my adopted from strayhood will jump off the bed at night time if he hears a strange noise. race to the living room (I have a small house) and sit there. His head swivelling on his neck and growling like a dog. My other cat Tobias learned from him and soon followed suit.
Really impressive all that growling. If any one actually came in I am pretty sure they'd take off like little furry rockets.

God bless the little furballs!
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Nope, not Trout. She don't care about her momma
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well two weeks ago, i fell down a flight of stairs. Not only did i have both kitties rush to my side, to see if I was okay, I also had both dogs rush over as well.
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not been in trouble so i dont know-she does owever follow me everywhere,tell my partner off when he is talking to me and when i was sick and upset about someth,stay right by me 24/7
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Yeahhh. But Trouts loves you anyway!
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I was having a 'down' moment this morning and Boris came up to me and gave me such love. He's an affectionate cat but this morning it was he knew something was wrong. He cheered me up straightaway - so he's my knight in shining armour!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Nope, not Trout. She don't care about her momma
Maybe she knows you're a freak?

Dorky Fish is always coming to my rescue...whether I need it or not. None of the others really care....Damita just comes if she thinks she'll get some attention.
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Bella ALWAYS did, if I raised my voice in any way, even yelling into the other room to DH she would get right in my face, even if I laughed loud she was worried Mommy was in distress I don't think the other ones care
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Miss Moofi is my little rescuer If I shout DH for something she comes up purring, paddling her paws all over me shes my precious little girl
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I was ill a couple months ago, Twinkle just laid on the couch with me and wouldn't even leave to play with my daughter! A couple nights ago my daughter was having a hissy fit about something ( in her bed crying) and Twinkle wouldn't leave her alone, despite my daughter's carrying on.
Our cat know's when we need comfort of some kind. AAhhhh!
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Bentley comes to the rescue always even if it's the other cats fighting, he tries to break it up, and then I have to comfort him if something has happen to me or the cats are fighting. He's such a concerned look too! Zoey will come to my rescue and I think the others mostly hide! Ceasar, i quite often have to go to his rescue
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No, Spike and Oz don't come to my rescue. When J's tickling me and I'm shrieking, I mostly just get a "Will you shut up?" look from Oz. If I'm sick or upset about something (like when my Nana died) they're all over me. I suppose that's good enough.

Oh, but they do kill spiders for me, so that's good.
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