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Prayers answered for Dillon

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I just want to thank everyone for their prayers for Dillon. I am sure it was what pulled him through. I was so worried about him, he slept through the night and half of the next day. I rang the vet who said keep giving him the quarter tablet of istin as he badly needed it as his blood pressure was so high and to leave off adding the forticor for a week. He seemed better in the afternoon but not eating, we took him to his usual vet, who said, cut down to an eighth of a tablet and we did and he was fine after it, it was only today that he started eating, bits of pork pie, turkey etc. (all not brilliant for the kidneys but we were glad he ate anything), he was getting quite perky but unfortunately tonight the tablet melted and he was upset and drooling from the mouth after we gave him it (the istin tablets must taste horrible), but he has settled again. Hopefully we will find a way to get the tablets down him. I have read the site someone posted for the cats with kidney problems, thankyou, that was helpful, I have heated up some of the food and he eats a bit more. My vet says that he will not get his sight back but I have read more than once on the net that the istin tablets have given cats their sight back, that the retina re attaches itself, that would be wonderful.
Please keep praying for him and thankyou all once again.
Best Wishes
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Dillon, keep eating so you can get nice and strong for your Meowmy. I'm praying that the vet is wrong about Dillon not getting sight back. Stay positive, for yourself and Dillon.
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vibes to you and dillon.
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So glad to read Dillon's improving! That's wonderful news!

Are you putting his tablets in food? If they can be taken with food you can try to put them in a little "meatball" of canned cat food or a moist little chunk of turkey or chicken that you can press around the pill since it's a tiny pill.

If you're using a pill gun, or just popping the pill down the throat by hand, make sure you give Dillon some water to wash the pill down. Use a little syringe (3 or 4cc size). 4cc of water after a pill is best. Gently the squirt the water down the side of the mouth a little at a time. It will help keep the bitter taste out of his mouth, and also ensure the pill gets washed down the throat. Pills not followed with water can lodge in the throat and cause irritation as they dissolve.

I hope too, that the vet is wrong about Dillon's sight. I'm sending lots of good, positive thoughts to your sweet boy.
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Thankyou for the advice about the pills. We were squirting some water down after it but I think it got stuck at the front of his mouth. I do wish they would make the pills more palatable for cats. This morning, we had a half hr episode of him trying to go for a poo, he had done the first two bumbles he had passed for 5 days because of the vets and he is naturally very constipated because of his kidneys, he was wailing and walking around for half an hr and crouching down everywhere. His blood test showed he had irritable bowel and I feel guilty about that as I have to give him half tsp physillium husks a day and sometimes half teasp liquid paraffin at night to get him to go at all but everything else I tried didnt work. He is immensely unco-operative and stubborn even in his weak state but we will not give up on him!
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Hi Chris-
Have you tried pumpkin for Dillon's constipation? It works like a charm and most cats like the flavor, so they don't mind having a little (1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon) mixed into their canned food. However, if you're in the UK, I don't think plain (no spices) canned pumpkin is readily available. You might try some pureed yellow squash, or squash baby food (just make sure squash is the only ingredient - never use anything with onion in it). I used to use psylllium too, not realizing that it needed to be mixed with water into a gel consistency, and then mixed into food, not simply sprinkled onto it. It never worked as well as the pumpkin does.

Is Dillon being hydrated? Fluids are really important for kidney disease and will make him feel so much better. I see Pat & Alix has given you the link for some CRF info which will be very helpful. Please ask your vet about this if you're not already doing fluids for Dillon.

I'm not familiar with some of the meds you're giving your boy - what exactly is the forticor and istin for? My little girl, almost 19 and with CRF, gets a blood pressure med called Norvasc. If a dose of blood pressure med is too high it can definitely cause lethargy.

Lots of good wishes to you and your precious boy!
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You might try some pureed yellow squash, or squash baby food
That's what I've used, too; it seems that pumpkin baby food only exists in my area during the fall. Go figure.
I do hope your vet is wrong about Dillon's sight; miracles do happen.
I'm confused about using paraffin for his constipation; what is that supposed to do?
Maybe it's not the best thing to use, but my Mom would put a small amount of mineral or vegetable oil on our cat's paw when I was a kid. She'd lick it off and I can't recall her ever being constipated or having a hairball (the cat, not Mom )
Still sending loads of healing vibes for your precious boy.
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Forgive me if I am answering these in the wrong places, I am just pressing the quick reply as I am not used to the board. I did manage to get a tin of pumpkin from waitrose the other day would half a tsp a day be enough, or is it half a tsp in two meals a day? He had a bad morning with the constipation and is looking miserable. He did eat a little, then later in the day had a few laps of condensed milk which I know helps constipation, but he is not back to eating. I will ask the vet about the hydration when I see her next week. The forticor is supposed to help kidneys but I havent started him on it yet as I have read that it can push the creatine up at the beginning and it is already very high. The istin is to lower the blood pressure, hopefully it is doing that. Thank you all so much for all the advice and support.
Best Wishes
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