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Cat Nip Knockout ?

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One of my cats seems to love cat nip (doesn't most cats!) and he goes crazy when I get out a toy with cat nip. I put it on the bed and he plays with it, rubs it and licks it.

I know cat nip makes kitties feel good and happy, but after he's finished with it he stares at the ceiling on his back like he's overdosed ! and always falls alseep with the toy.

I was just curious if there is such a thing as kitty having too much that cat nip ?
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don't know - but I only give to Loki about one a week since actually bounces of the walls when he gets his paws on some. So, we do it in moderation.
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Thanks Hell603
I guess it will remain a mystery. Perhaps I shouldn't let him play with his toy every day *confused*
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He's just stoned!
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Evidently there are not usually any bad effects on cats. However, if you use it more than once a week, your cat might not react to it at all any more.
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Thanks Jeanie I think I'm going to let him have it only once in a while now
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Hyper, I used to grow cat-nip in the garden. Moogie would cover herself in pollen, eat a few leaves and then fall asleep curled up under the plant - bless! I wish I'd taken photos of her black face all yellow with pollen - so cute.
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I'm picturing your cat, and real picture or not, I'm getting a laugh out of it, flimflam!:laughing2 :laughing2
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Awwww, that must've been a very cute site to see flimflam
it's just too bad that you didn't take photos, would've loved to have seen them.

Is cat nip easy to grown and look after ?
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My catnip grows like a weed. It's in the mint family, and if you've ever tried to get rid of a patch of mint, you'll understand. At the garden centre it's called Nepeta.

Sam loves the catnip patch. He ignores the leaves, but delicately snacks on the flowers. I let him do all of the deadheading for me. However, if I pick some, the next day when the leaves are dried out, he goes crazy.
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Thanks Sammie5 yes I know exactly how mint is ! I wrote down the name. I think it will be kinda nice to have some growing in the back yard.
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