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Mika is meowing an awful lot..

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Well Mika has been climbing the screen, and meowing and trying to find a way to get in!! Is this a sign of labor? Meowing? If so, I need to tell my mom it is too cold for her to have babies outdoors. This is the only way that those babies can be born inside, because she said that it was Spring, and it was nice out for her to have kittens. I know. But anyways, is this a sign of her being in labor? Thank you for reading!
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it could be , but it could be that she is getting ready to find somewhere safe to have her kittens , and with the love you have shown her , she knows this would be the safest place to have her babys.
good luck with asking your mum , and i hope she has a safe delivery with no problems.
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She found a place inside, but my brother doesn't approve, lol, it is under his bed. lol! I asked him, and he said "No!" She likes it very much.. And he never cleans his room, so what makes the difference, although I would clean it especially for her and her kittens. If he would let me..
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maybe ask him if you clean his room for a week will he allow you to let mika hide away in his room
even though its recomened not to let mums have there kittens under a bed , it will be safer then her having them outside.

any luck with your parents as yet? maybe they will suprise you and allow her in doors
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Yeah, keep working on your parents. She obviously feels safe nesting in your home for the babies. Heck, better than under the bed than outside in a doghouse...be persuasive!!! Those kittens deserve to be born inside, and Mika deserves as much peace and protection as possible at this moment. Sounds like she's getting close to delivering...

I know here in Iowa right now, it would be far too chilly for those kittens to survive outside. They need serious WARMTH, particularly the first 3 weeks after they're born. If they are chilled or too cold, they will not nurse from Mika, or eat anything, which is instant kitten fatality waiting to happen. Are you feeding Mika kitten food? She needs the extra fat and protein at this time.
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No, We are feeding her the same thing as the other cats. I can probably persuade her to get some kitten food, or I can buy it. But then again Smokie is out there.. But I probably need to check and see if she is pregnant or not, she is long-haired so it will be harder to tell. But I am sure Smokie won't mind kitten food. But anyways, I will try and ask my mom if Mika can come in to deliver if it is too cold. Because I remember we used to feed a Calico, (I was younger at the time) and she had babies, and she had some in the cold, and all 8 died because of the cold. My mom never told me that she found them frozen behind her bush.. Until I came crying, that I couldn't find them. yes I cried. But I was only 7 or 8 at the time. But I feel bad that I thought she was going to have more babies, and brought her in for the night, to make sure if she did have any more babies that they would be warm. But I was wrong.. This cat's name was Oranges. hehe. My brother named her. But ya, I know how that goes, I don't want it to happen again. So I will ask her many times about it. I think she will if it is cold. She isn't that heartless. She likes animals and cares about them. She does care about Mika believe it or not. She just doesn't have the money to get her spayed at the time yet. She has to get bills payed, and all that. She is hoping to get them all caught up before May is up! Then maybe she will reconsider getting her spayed, and I am going to a shelter tommorow, just to look, and then see how many cats are there, and tell her how many more don't need to be in a shelter! It is very convincing. tehe. But that would be my plan, tommorow we have a half day! I will be keeping a very close eye on Mika for a while. Next time we go to get food for the animals, I will get some kitten food for the outdoor cats. And tell my mom that it is good for a pregnant cat.
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good luck , and if your allowed give those kittys at the shelter lots of pets from us all.
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