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Does size matter?

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Just curious if the size of the momma makes any difference how many kittens she will have? Both Sasha and the new pregnant kitty are very small... Sasha was 5 pounds pre-pregnancy and the new one is just a bit smaller than Sasha height wise. Sasha just weighed in at 7.2 pounds and the new kitty at 6.2 (I have a kitchen scale). I was just wondering if a smaller built cat will have fewer kittens than a larger built cat or does it matter at all?
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i dont think it matters on size , anne is bigger then my lilly anne had 2 kittens , lilly had 4 kittens.
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I don't think size matters either. Coco weighed only 5.5 lbs when she conceived and had 6 kittens.
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