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I've been putting this off, but she deserves this.

Trisha, no tail, front paw poly. Nobody loved her, nobody wanted her. She was brought into the shelter as a stray by a former volunteer. She was "freaky". She was scared of people & ended up being treated for 30 days for ringworm. After that, she was put up for adoption. Poor girl....everyone looked at her as she was so unique. She loved to get her tummy rubbed, be petted, & was very vocal. She was the devil out of her cage. She attacked me once. If she was in a room with you....she would stalk you & then attack when you did not expect it. Tuesday night, Trisha attacked a young volunteer. Thankfully did not bite the girl, but scratched her hand good.

The look, the fear, sorrow, anger, hate....all in her eyes. Trisha was a troubled soul. Not safe to place in a home, her stalking behavior made her unsafe to place on a farm. Somewhere, someone did her wrong....and she paid the ultimate price for that.

Play happily at the Rainbow Bridge Trisha! I can honestly say that I really did not love that cat, not the way I do most. I was very leery of her. We tolerated each other. And then I couldn't be there for her in the end. She was in the hands of a lovely vet....she was not completely alone.

ETA: She didn't go to the vet yesterday, & we decided to spay her today. Went in for her spay...she was so spooked, was definately an older cat. The vet & tech didn't think she would survive on a farm, so she did get euthanized.
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Such a sad story. I am sure it was someone in her former life who made her that way. I'm sorry she couldn't be saved.

Rest in Peace Trisha. May you find the happiness at the rainbow bridge that you could never find in life.
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Oh my Trisha sounds a special little one indeed

she is in a special place, the best was done for her, but things just didnt add up for her

RIP Sweet Trisha, take care little one and have some extra special fun over the Bridge
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May whatever hurt you be finally forgotten. Rest in peace Trisha.
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Oh my, Natalie thats so sad

Trisha, Davidson is up there waiting to play with you, he'll be good to you, he'll be your forever friend
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how sad.. Rest in peace, Trisha whatever was haunting you is gone now and you are happy and healthy again at the bridge.. atleast she knew love from you and I thank you for giving her just that.
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RIP sweet Trisha. May your true sweet soul come out now, since no one there will ever harm you.

Bless you Natalie, for all you do. You have a heart of gold.
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Aw poor little Trisha. It is obvious that someone had done her wrong in her past. Poor thing

May she rest in peace, and be free of fear now.
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RIP Trisha, play over at the Bridge. You are free now and no one will ever hurt you again.
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Oh, that is such a sad story. Poor Tricia.
RIP sweet girl. Run free.
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Man I knew I shouldnt of read this!

God bless her little heart.

RIP you sweet angel.
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RIP Trisha - play safe and well over the Rainbow Bridge
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Poor Trisha. May she RIP.
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How sad! Rest peacefully Trisha and play happily over the bridge!
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ohmy that is so very sad... bless your little heart Trisha, I am so sorry. I shed tears for you right now.

Run fast little one, you are free and no one will ever hurt you

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