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Max needs everyones good thoughts...

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Well we got back Max's x-ray results today after his urine sample revealed more blood then they expected from his crystals ( he has chronic urinary tract infections). It turns out he has a lagre gall bladder stone which is to large to be broken down and as such needs to be surgically removed. He's not nessicarly old by cat standards as he's only 10 but he is still over weight and his immune system has been supressed the last few weeks due to him being switched onto crappy anti-crystal vet food and as such were very worried about him doing under. He's staying overnight at the vets and going in to surgery tommorow morning and if all goes well we get him back on saturday.

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Poor Max

I'm sending lots of good luck and get well vibes. Hope all goes well with the surgery tomorrow. Please let us know!
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that all goes well for Max!
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*Lots of good vibes for Max*

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Much love and positive vibes for Max.
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Fingers crossed - will they do blood tests first? You could also ask them to put him on a drip during, if the cost isn't too much for you.
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Good luck and successful surgery vibes for Max. Hugs and positive thoughts to all.
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Originally Posted by booktigger View Post
Fingers crossed - will they do blood tests first? You could also ask them to put him on a drip during, if the cost isn't too much for you.
Hopefully they have run bloodwork on Max already since he's staying overnight at the hospital. That's always very important to do before any surgery.

Fluids (hydration) are always a good idea (unless there are heart problems) when doing anesthesia. Ask your vet about it.

Lots of good thoughts for your boy Max, and for you too, Kayla.
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Sending big (((HUGS))) your way for Max. Hope all turns out well for the poor guy. Let us know how it goes...
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Lots of good vibes and prayers for Max's speedy recovery! Please keep us updated on his progress.
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Good Luck Max! Get better soon.
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Ok well just heard back from the vet, he's out of surgery now and besides being a little groggy he's doing pretty good. Their keeping him over night to keep a close eye on him and make sure he's drinking so they can put him on an IV drip and so on if nessicary and such and we get him back tommorow at 10am. I guess on the plus side he is used to being in a kennel enviroment as he had to be in one about 5 years ago when we moved for a week while we drove 5 days to our new house and then he and his sister were sent by plane so at least or at least I hope he knows we are coming back for him.

I post pics when he's feeling better.

Thanks for all of the good vibes.
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Great news! Glad Max is past the surgery's hoping for a very quick recovery!
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I hope hes doing ok. Sending him all the more good vibes and wishing him a speedy recovery.
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Ok time for one more update, step dad was rushed to the ER this morning so had to get a ride from my uncle to pick up Max after his surgery yesterday. He has to wear a cone for a week or so until the stitches heal so got him home and seperated him from Duke to keep him as low key as possible and took Duke out for a walk after feeding him( he gets anti-pain meds mixed in for the next few weeks). Got home and to my surprise Max had managed to pull his very secure cone off: Hoping he hadn't ripped out his stitches (though he has 8 or 9 at various levels including 4 on the skin) I checked his belly and alas there was a bit of an opening and blood ( though it wasn't flowing out). So my mom and step-dad finally got home and my mom just brought him to the E.R to get them re-stitched as I have a major english paper I need to finish up or I would of gone with him.

A minor set-back none the less. I talked to the vet about feeding raw and she is extremely anti-raw, I am going to try him on it though for a month or so I will keep him on the crappy anti-crystal vet food at least while he recovers and then will try him on raw and then do a checkup a month after that to see if any crystals are coming back and so on.

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Poor Max! I hope he will leave the wound alone so it can heal quickly.
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