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Perfect cat for old folk, but DEATHLY afraid of people

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I would like some advice on how to fix this problem. I have the most beautiful, loving cat. She would stand on her two back feet with her front paws on your lap as if she is asking you to pick her up. She loves to cuddle, purrs while I pet her. She will stay by my side as long as she knows she is getting attention. I think she will be a perfect therapy cat BUT one problem, she is afriad of everybody and she will hide until every last person leaves my home.

I so badly want to take her to nursing homes and give her the chance to shine for the people there. They need an animal they can love, hold, talk to, and pet therefore I think my cat, Pepper, would be perfect.

I do have three other cats, one cat hates her enough to hiss and chase her away from sight.

How can I help her over come her fear of people and what can I do>
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Well, unfortunately your cat may just be a one person cat. Some are that way. My mom's cat was the same (manx kitty) who bonded with the family very much but wanted nothing to do with strangers. Every cat is different as to how social they are. My two adult cats aren't afraid of strangers at all, but my mother in law's cat hides when people he doesn't know are in the house.

My suggestion is if you really want to try it still is this;

Have a close friend come over a few times a week and just sit with you and watch a movie or have coffee or something. Leave an article of hers or his around, and when they are gone, let kitty inspect and sniff it. Over time I'm sure kitty will get used to them and come out and watch them. Have them approach her very quietly and make no demands. If kitty doesn't want to be petted, don't force her. Once she's accepted one friend, try two or three over for company at a time with the same procedure.
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That's a really good idea Every cat IS different... for example. PHX loves everybody- alot! He is the type of cat that even a stranger can come over and PHX will let that person rub his tummy. I have never seen a cat that begs for his tummy to be petted.

Sometimes I think PHX is part siamese/part dog!

Good luck getting your cat to be more social, I believe that over time it could happen But I wouldn't just straight bring him to see all those people at the nursing home without first getting him prepared for it.
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I have a kitty that I got at 12 weeks and nothing bad ever happened to her while I have had her. She loves her people and loves to be in my lap but if anyone new comes in the house she slips away and hides under the bed. Sometimes she will look like she thinks she is going to be murdered as she runs, belly to the floor *don't notice me - I'm not here*.

No amount of special training has been able to change her. Maybe it was something that happened when she was a baby at the breeders but it is in her personality to be scared of new people....Oh and in my cat clan she rules with an iron claw. Go figure, she is alpha cat and a shrinking violet all rolled into one.
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My Billy used to be quite the shy one - he used to run everytime someone new came in. But now he can actually be bolder than my "brave" one and is much more likely to jump into someone else's lap now than his brother. I would just keep inviting people over, do something quiet together, like a movie or something. Let your friend hand out kitty treats, and probably only one friend, the same person, at a time. Some cats, like Billy, will overcome their shyness, while others will probably be shy no matter what you do. And who knows, maybe she'll just take to therapy work. Some things are like that!
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