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Hi to all!

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Hello, everyone!

I just joined this site, and am looking forward to hearing from you all.

I have one cat, named Elizabeth. She is a grey tabby who weighs about six pounds. I acquired her about one week after my last cat, Tigerlily, died suddenly. I was planning to get a new cat sometime later, but this one decided to show up. She was only 1 1/2 pounds when I got her, and was mewing her little head off about being LOST and needing a NEW HOME. So, she's here with me.

Enjoy your cat!

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Welcome, Eleana and Elizabeth. Isn't it funny how cats just walk into your life sometimes? My Ivo was a stray living around our building before I took her in.

Feel free to jump right in here. Everyone is very friendly and extremely helpful. Don't be afraid to ask questions or join in on the discussions. Hope to hear more from you!

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It sounds like Elizabeth knew that you needed her! Welcome to the site, I can't wait to hear more about your new baby and some stories of your cat who passed on.
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Hi Eleana - and welcome to both you and Elizabeth. She sounds a real doll. Got any pictures of her you can post?

Jump on in and chat or ask any questions you'd like, there's tons of help, advice and just general gossip here.

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Welcome to the site! It is funny how sometimes kitties just know the right person to go to. Sounds like Elizabeth made a very good choice for her person.

If you would like, you can post a tribute to your dearly departed Tigerlily in the Crossing the Bridge forum.
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Welcome!! I'm new too. Isn't it amazing how things like that happen? That new kitty is very lucky indeed!:kitty5:
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Its wonderful that Elizabeth walked into your life just when you needed her most. Tigerlily can never be replaced, but I'll bet that he/she would have wanted you to have another cat to love.

When I was a little child I had a simular experience. Salty "disappeared" while a family friend was watching him during our vacation. I was brokenhearted. About a week later we had our front door open and a cat (who we later named Fluffy) had kittens in our bathtub!

We kept Fluffy and 2 of the kittens, one each for my brother & me. My Timmycat lived a long happy life. He even waited up for me when I started dating.

The best of luck with your little Elizabeth. I'm so glad she found you!

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