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How do you like my new ride?

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Momma's got a new truck!

Ain't she pretty? A Dakota Laramie 4x4 quad cab! A 2006 I got for a great price!

Had to go get it yesterday because of the bad weather today!
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Thats real nice! Congrats!
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Nice truck, can we go for a ride?
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Very nice, love the red!
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Sweet! Nice colour too
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Wow very cool truck!! I see you live in the bush?? How peaceful it must be there..looks like it anyway.
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Very nice! great color
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Congratz! I love the's very HOTT! lol

So have you been driving it around town, showing off yet??
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that's a nice ride!
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I'm jealous!!!

That's a sweet ride, congrats!!!
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Very nice! I love red! No way I could drive something that big in the city though. I have enough time parallel parking my tiny car
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No chance to drive it much except back hom from the dealer and this morning to work.
I need to get my junk out of my other truck so we can sell it and put it in my new one. Also we want to spray the bed with liner.
It is a nice truck though! I have been driving a full size and this one has a much smaller turning radius.
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Woo Hoo!!! I love that truck!
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I love the color! Nice truck. I'm jealous
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Very awesome!! But I admit, I am a chevy girl!!
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Congrats on the new truck.
I love the color!
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Oh very pretty truck so I guess that means you go first at the four way stop. Well according to our area anyway. The person with the biggest truck goes first.
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wow!!!! your new truck is awesome!!!
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Nice truck! I love the color!
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It's so bootyful!!! i it! nice choice.
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