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Whiskers Falling Out??

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A couple of days ago I found a cat whisker on my bed...and just now, my 2 year old tabby was sitting in my lap...and there was a big cat whisker there when he left. His behavior is normal, eating fine...is it normal to shed whiskers? I've had cats for 2 years and have never noticed this before. Thanks!!
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Yes, it's normal. They periodically shed, and new ones grow in.

Here's my whisker story: Over a period of a few months, I started finding quite a few whiskers around my living room, way more than I ever had, and thought perhaps something was wrong. Then I realized- I had bought a new rug that was much darker in color than my old one, so the white whiskers just stood out more. Duh! Also, I've noticed that he seems to shed more in late winter/early spring.
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Don't be surprised when you start finding claws too
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Yes.. it's normal. Every once in a while I'll find a whisker from Virginia, my female persian, but have never seen any from my male. Like the other poster said... claws also!
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Thanks...what a relief!!
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Hi--Like the others said, it is normal. My boy kitty loses his eyebrows on hte left side quite often. He just gets them grown back in and they fall out again. He looks kind of silly but we love him. LOL
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Normal cat stuff to find whiskers laying around. Cats usually aren't too good about picking them up and disposing of the ones that fall out.

Now, if you start to find whiskers that don't belong to your own cats.... then its time to worry.
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