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Types of kitties

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I thought these were funny pics. I took them all this morning! fat kitty, little kitty, and long kitty

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Great pictures! I just love the longggggg kitty, lol, so cute.
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What gorgeous cats
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Great pictures, adorable cats. I love their markings!
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Aww, those are great pics!!!
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aww yep, that so clever - what a bunch of cuties

I love how Princes back paws are all neat, tidy and lined up
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They are so cute. I like the fat kitty though because my kitty is in the fat kitty club. But they are all precious.
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I love them! How adorable! I love the long kitty!
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Those are wonderful pics - and I love lo-o-o-o-ng kitty!
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lol Thanks!! I love my kitties they pose cute for me sometimes. and btw how do I get Princess in the fat kitty club??
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those are GREAT pics

and o my, such cuties
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Those pics are great...too funny
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