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Outdoors/indoors dilemma - poll results

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I'm posting the results of last week's poll:


Do you keep your cat -

Indoors only
73.2% (90)

22.8% (28)

Outdoors only
1.6% (2)

Don't have a cat
2.4% (3)

Total votes: 123
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I'm one of the "outdoors/indoors" owners - I just let tabby out on her leash in the summer time. She loves it out there - chasing bugs and climbing trees if she can get near one! The problem is that she's always getting herself tangled around lawn chairs and picnic tables and stuff.
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I am a 100% indoor family but my goal eventually when we buy a house of our very own, is to build a room size outdoor enclosure for them to go play. This way they don't get out and nothing gets in. They can roll in the grass and climb a small tree. Boy am I looking forward to that day!!
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Unfortunately, I have to keep most of my cats outside...and I do feel sorry for them in the winter...but I have 9 cats and my husband will only allow one in the house...Merlin, and he says that is only till spring when the weather warms up (because he is so little).....but we shall see....I am determined to make Merlin a permanent part of this household....INSIDE!!
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I forgot to mention, the outside cats do have a nice warm barn full of hay to sleep in, so they aren't just out in the cold.
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There is no way I would restrict my boys. They go out when the want to and come in when they want to. I don't have a cat flap so they have to decide in a morning where they want to be and then they stay there until i come home.

The only time I force them to stay in is if it is really cold or wet or they are poorly.

Sooty and Smoky would go nuts if I kept them in all the time!!
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Hi ScatCat! Glad to see you here!

Why don't you put a cat flap for them? Do you live food and water for them outside? Do you live in a place where there is little traffic?

My cats will be indoor/outdoor cats within a month or so. We'll put a cat flap for them. It's a relatively safe environment. A large backyard and very little traffic in the nearby road. We're still very worried though ):
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Hi Anne..

I can't have a cat flap as there is nowhere to put it in my house. When I bought my house there was meant to be a back door fitted. Instead the builders fitted patio glass and didn't tell me. I couldn't get a flap put in then. You have to do it at time of manufacture.

I live in a quiet cul-de-sac with lots of trees and woody areas around the back. There is always water available from the ponds and I sometimes leave food out but not often. They get fed in the morning and then again when i get home so they don't really need it.

Sooty never stops purring so he can't be too upset with these arrangements!!!
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Sounds like they have a nice place to play there!!
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They do. I chose my house with major consideration for my cats and I am in the process of doing exactly the same again. We need to move soon because we are getting married, and I need to make the boys as safe as possible when they are outside.
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I also have an indoor/outdoor cat. I also don't have a cat flap (rented house). Unfortunately, living in Australia Fagan has to stay inside during summer and winter. The temperature outside today is 42 degrees celsius. I believe there would be some rather nasty statistics for skin cancer in this country for cats (as well as humans). I know of at least three friends who have had to have cancer burnt off their cats. One unfortunately actually had to go as far as removing their poor kitten's ears. So I think it's better to be safe than sorry. Even if Fagan protests!!
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I heard that skin cancer can be a real problem especially for white cats. We have our fair share of sunshine here in Israel but I for some reason I don't think skin cancer is such a major issue here as it is in Australia. Maybe because people are darker on average.
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I also have an indoor/outdoor cat. She was 8 years old when she adopted me, so there was nothing I could do but let her have her way now. My Tinker Toy was one of "those" cats that just refused to stay indoors. She enjoyed it outside so much that I moved to a safe place just so she could chase squirels and lizards and be happy. (I live in North Florida) Glad to see so many tollerant people here that consider the mental well being of their pets along with the overall safety. It IS safer for them inside. DEFINATELY safer, but it's not always possible. Sigh........I have a panel that fits right up the the glass sliding doors to my patio. The bottom of the panel has a closeable flap for Runner to come and go. It's a rented apartment, so I couldn't install one in the main door, so this works out fine.
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My boys are strictly indoor cats. But, I live in an apt. complex. I am buying my first house soon and it has to have a screened porch so they can get some air. It's too dangerous to let them out where we live now and I would be so distracted worrying about them if they did go out. I keep contemplating getting one of those kitty leashes so I can take them for a walk. A funny thing a lady friend told me was to take one of my cats to a local laundromat and tell the ladies who asked that my AC was broken (Obviously, a summer thing to do) so I brought him there to cool off. She said I'd have a date by the weekend. LOL. Another one was to take the calmer of the 2 (Tiger) and put him in a baby carriage and go to the park. LOL.
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I guess I am lucky since none of my 11 care to go outside.
Meowman, When you do get out of the apt complex, you could do what we will do. Build a small additiont to the back of the house where there is grass and maybe a small tree. This way nobody can roam and nobody can get in to hurt them. I will put a regular door and a cat flap so they can go out as they please.
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My two Burmese usually go out straight after breakfast to explore their territory. Then they ask to come back in after an hour or so. They are always kept inside at night, both for their protection, and for the safety of the local wildlife.

During the week when I am at work, and if my husband isn't home, they are outside. They have several bowls of fresh water around the place (very necessary in Brisbane's hot, humid climate).

They are always waiting in the front driveway for me when I get home. Needless to say, they get fed before I do!
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Sandie, It'll probably be during the latter portion of the year. Tiger won't set foot outside. Everytime I open the door, all he does is stand there and look out. He's a big baby. Socrates on the other hand will bolt for the opening.

I'm considering making my future home a cat play land, with elevated walkways along the walls near the cieling and little tiny kitty archways so they can go from room to room and kitty stairs in every room so they can go up or come down. I saw this documentary about this couple w/ 9 cats and they had their house designed this way. It's very cool. I'm hoping to qualify for a 3/4 BR, that way I can make one of the rooms strictly a cat play room. What do you think?
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Yes, I think it's a great idea. My husband and I have the same plans after he retires. We are going to buy a house with the cats in mind. We are already making the plans for the cat walks. I want to make sure they are wood though, a lot easier to clean. Then we will build the addition to the bedroom or livingroom with what I want to call very closly weaved chicken wire. This way they can roll in the grass and still be enclosed and safe!! I swear I spoil these guys more than my 6 year old human baby! I have 3 1 month old kittens right now that I will have a hard time letting go of. I am also going to try and get a house with enough rooms so that the cats can have a play room. Wall to wall cat furniture and their food bowls and such. I am going to make it so that the dog can not get in as well. Just thinking about all these plans makes me excited for them!!
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Oh, Sandie, I wish I could be one of your cats! Love, food and playrooms. Thats just awsome!
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You should both get the book about this house. It's called The Cat House . Haven't read it myself but I understand it's a must for cat lovers that want to build a cat house

By the way, if you follow that link (through the book's name) you'll get to it's page on Amazon and if you do decide to order it I get a commissiom! Cool, isn't it? Just please make sure you add it to your cart before you go on to other Amazon pages. You don't have to buy it - just put it in your cart. That way if you ever decide to buy it in the future, I still get the commission.

Am I being too pushy about this? Just trying to make a living...
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Hey the April issue of Cat Fancy, there are some awsome pictures of the outdoor enclosures. Of course most of the stuff in all the issues are great, but I really enjoyed getting some good ideas for my enclosure.
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At this point in time I am an indoor only, I live on the 16th floor of an apartment buidling. I am however moving in April so I will allow my Casey out on a leash as well, I get the feeling that should would enjoy some fresh air!!

My friend had a great point, why do cat owners feel guitly only keeping their cats indoors when owners are able to declaw their beloved cats???

Personally I have not declawed my cat and do not intend to!
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I heard of someone who put in a cat flap and ended up with a raccoon and a snake in her house!

My boys are indoors-guys, but Squirt used to be in/out. He really loved it, nad it was only after he got lost and (fortunately) found that I put an end to outdoors. I'd like to move someplace where I can have a screened porch for them to go out (although I KNOW I'd have at least one hanging from the screen). That's what Squirt used to do when he wanted to go out. By the time I left that apt. the whole screen door was in shreds!
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Oh Deb! That must've been awful for the people who had the snake and the coon come inside!! Everyyear we have baby coons in the hollow tree in our front yard, so a flap would be out of the question for me too!!

And about the screens....I wondered if anyone else had that problem, my husband bought all new screens for our giant picture windows that are in the living and dining rooms. He bought them last spring, and since then, they have holes all over them, because their is a brick ledge all around the front of the house...the house has brick from the windows to the ground, and the cats sit on the ledge constantly, which is okay, except they like to climb the screens, and hang from them....I tried using a squirt bottle on them, whenever I caught them doing it, but it hasn't helped...they have a mind of their
My husband is realy mad, though and threatened to get rid of the cats, but I promised him i would buy new screens this spring, with my own money, so he would calm down.
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I checked out the book on Amazon. That's the house I've seen too. Makes me jealous just looking at the picture! I would love to construct something like that! For now I still drool over those $300 things at PetSmart.
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