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a true story of kitty survival

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Hi I would like to tell you all a true story of survival..it might make you feel a wee bit sick..but its hard to believe but it really happened to my dear departed Dixie..a tabby cat I had some 13 years ago..being pregnant at the time with my first child..Dixie had just had her desexing op..she was ok and ventured out for the first time..after seeing hubby and friends off for a game of golf I found Dixie crouched amongst my plants..just sitting there.."what are you doing there I said smiling..she didnt move just looked at me..I leant down to pick her up when to my shock and horror she had removed all her stitches..to my despair her entire internal contents fell to the ground..I was in shock ..but had to think quick..I hurriedly picked her up tucked her {including everything} in a blanket and rang my vet..Dixie by this time had gone into shock too..they said dont be alarmed..can you believe that? bring her in quickly...upon arriving at the vet..they whisked her away and said its a simple procedure we clean her out with saline and other such stuff and sew her back up..suffice to say they did just that..Dixie never touched her second lot of stitches and lived several happy years after that.. I apologise for any yucckys my story might have made people feel..but if that isnt survival..then I dont know what is ..thanks for listening ..I'd be interested to hear if others have ever had this problem before...
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Oh my Lord Lexy, what a story!

I BET she never touched the second set of stitches - that was enough of a lesson in leaving the embroidery alone!

And full marks to you for reacting so quickly, I think I would have fainted there on the spot!
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Lexy - I can honestly say that I have never heard a story like that before! I am glad that she learned her lesson and behaved after that!
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I'm sure I would have paniced. You did a great job. Thank the Lord she made it. What a scare she must have given you!
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After that, any bumps or bruises your child may have had would have seemed trivial! What a story! Congrats on keeping a cool head and emotions under control. Wow pregnant to boot! Unbelievable!!!
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