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Show vibes wanted AGAIN!!!

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We all know TCS vibes work... and the last time I asked, it worked in a convoluted way...

This time it will be an easy one...only one kitten, my Bulan (Masmera Cahaya Bulan = moonlight).

This is a fervent request for 2 weeks worth of show vibes.

Please all, I'd really like her to do better than my Suria (Sunshine). They are after all, siblings! Total 86 kittens in the class (last heard) in the first show and 50 kittens in the class (last heard) for the second show. The weirdness that is CFA in Asia means that if she finals in the top 8 of all rings in both shows means that she WILL become a Division Winner.

You've met my Suria, Bulan is better! Not hoping for a Best in Show but I am hoping for consistency in all rings.

Seriously needing those vibes, if you will!

Thanks very much,
Masmera Abyssinians
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Go Bulan!!!!

You know, a picture of her would be nice too...
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I'll send Bulan vibes if you could send Veeshan vibes Veeshan needs 28 points to grand! We will be at a one day show this Saturday in Westland, MI. We are also bringing Kingston. Good Luck to Bulan!
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Good Aby/Somali vibes to both of you !!!
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Ok is that enough good vibes from all of us????

Hope she knocks them dead!
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All right...all the way from the sleety/snowy state of New Hampshire..here goes...{{{{{{win,win,win vibes}}}}}!
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All the way from Ontario Canada
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Lots of luck to both of you!

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Good luck to both of you
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MANY GOOOOOD LUCK vibes coming ur way
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Good luck to you and all the kitties! Since you said you "shipped" her off, I'm assuming you won't be able to take pics.

Send some vibes to my Tobie, too... his third show is this weekend. Like the last two times, I can only enter him on Sunday, but I'm hoping for more improvements.... like a Best in Show in each ring of HHP! I can hope, right?
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Tobie will be great as usual! And Veeshan WILL Grand!

Just got an update from my agent in Hong Kong...

Was told that she's raising hell over there - was advised to cage her more often if I'm gonna show her!!! She's just missing her meowmy...that's all! Also, she hasn't been around the male human much so, I guess she's freaking out a bit...

The show start tomorrow...and I'm not there .

As for pics, I'm hoping some kind soul will send me some when it's over...

Thanks all, I/we (Bulan, Veeshan and Tobie) appreciate all the vibes you can spare!
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Sending vibes for Tobie as well!
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Good winning vibes to Tobie and Veeshan as well!! I think that the only cats that TCS breeders show are champions!!
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They had 3 finals for the kittens today as far as I know (it's a 6 ring 400 count show)....no kitten count as yet... Bulan's results as texted to me...

Ring 1 - No finals
Ring 2 - 8th Best
Ring 3 - 4th Best

Work them vibes harder guys!!! She needs to final in the last 3 rings at least 6th best in each (I think) to smell DW!!!!

Thanks all!!!
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Well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed !
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Sounds like things are improving, Adilah, but more vibes coming from here.

And vibes for Tobie and Veeshan as well! {{{show luck}}}
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Go Bulan - you can do it!
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What show news from you???? I really hope Veeshan Granded!!!
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So, the final score for Bulan is:

Ring 1 : 0
Ring 2 : 8th best
Ring 3 : 4th best!
Ring 4: 10th best
Ring 5 : 9th Best
Ring 6 : 5th Best!

Definitely in Division Win contention!

Keep those vibes coming!!! Last show of the season soon!!!!
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Wish Veeshan did as well as Bulan! She did not grand. The count was low and there were alot of top catteries showing premiers. I actually was surprised she got second best shorthair premier in one ring. Only 4 points but better then none. There were 6 rings at this show.

Had a problem with Kingston. This is his third show and the first time he hissed and growled in every ring. He did get best of breed in one ring which I was shocked with his attitude problem. I started to walk him around alot and plan on taking him out to visit friends and out to pet stores to socialize him.
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Awwww, I'm sorry. NVM, there's always the next show and the one after that! Just like me and Stevie - Herman online has just confirmed that the silly boy is STILL 2 points short of grand!!!

As for Kingston, I have a solution for you, but pm me for it!
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Now....I wonder how Tobie is doing.....???
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I hope Charlie is as sweet as he was at 4 months old - he's pretty outgoing and he was neutered at 3 months - so hopefully in the next shows coming up, he will still think like a kitten
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Yeah Bulan! I hope someone was able to get photos for you. I can't wait to see her.
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Hopefully, When my friends come back today they will have some pics for me!
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Good job Bulan and Veeshan! They are still babies, they'll settle in.
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Congratulations on the results all of you !
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Of Bulan at the last show... one more this weekend and we'll see what happens....


With Jan Rogers

With Yaeko Takano

With Midori Shimada

The guy holding her is a dear friend and president of Feline Society of Malaysia

ETA : the new shampoo really works!!!!
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for Miss Bulan to do well this weekend!!! And for her meowmy not to have a panic attack!
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