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Help!!! Am i doing this right?

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I would appreciate some advice about my little kitty Al. I seem to have come across a minefield of info and don't know if I am doing right or wrong now!!!!
So, a little background, sorry if heard it before. I got Alan from a rescue place and he had really bad cat flu and he was on antibiotics for a while, over 10 days. I then got him checked out at the vet and today am making an appointment for him to be neutered, we haven't been able to do that until now!!! Thing is, I decided that as he was bored in the house, I was playing with him but he is demanding and it is boring throwing a stick and feather round the house for hours, I do love him dearly tho!! So, I got him a harness and we have been playing outside. Then to my horror, I realised that he has ony had some temporary vaccinantions that have yet to be topped up. He has been dewormed and deflead though. Is this okay? Or is he going to catch something? He has come in no contact with any other cats or animals at all. I am worried tho, is he supposed to have certain jabs before I take him out?
Also, he loves going out which is normal but he seems obsessed with it now. The weather is lovely at the moment but all he wants to do is cry by the door to get out. He goes out for an hour or a bit more a day, on his lead playing with balls in the back garden. He just demands to be outside all the time tho!!! Is this normal or because he hasn't been neutered yet?

Thanks if anyone can advise.
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Apart from going out on a harness, is Alan going to be an indoor kitty?.

If he hasn't had his full course of the flu/enteritis shots i would keep him inside.

My girls only get those ones, i don't bother with the leukemia because of them being indoor cats, but i make sure they have the flu/enteritis shots every year because that's something i could bring in the house with me.

He's had a taste of the outdoors, plus he's probably wanting a female now with him not being neutered
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You are opening a whole can of worms by taking him out. once he gets a taste of that, he is going to want to go out all the time. eventually you will be leaving him out without a harness, because you are not going to want to go out all the time with a harness, then he will stand at the door and cry. IMO you should discontinue this practice and keep him in. Put birdfeeder or birdbath by windows where he can watch, and getting another kitty will keep him with a companion and playmate.
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I think you are right. He is driving me nuts, he is continually crying to go out. I think I will keep him in and then he will calm down a bit. He can't go out alone anyway as he hasn't been neutered yet. I have had to shut the door to the back door as he is just sitting there meowing!!! Definately a can of worms. Thanks both for the advice!!! He hasn't eaten his breakfast this morning, he normally loves his food, too much, hehehe. He has been so obsessed with the outdoors that he seems to have forgotten to eat. I have shown it to him yet he just runs back to the door. is this normal?
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Originally Posted by Althekitty View Post
I have shown it to him yet he just runs back to the door. is this normal?
I would say so. Just think of how you feel on a sunny day like today?. He's felt the breeze on his face, seen flies floating about, different smells etc... and like i say he's probably wanting a female now.

I've just had a conservatory built and the first thing the girls do when i come downstairs on a morning, and when i come in after work is head straight to the back door waiting for me to open it so they can go in and watch outside.

How old is he?.
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He's just coming up to seven months old! Bless him. He will prob be more of an indoor kitty as we have to move soon and I don't want him being messed about. Do you think I should keep him in full stop? Not use the harness? He has an appointment to be neutered now so I hope it will get better then!
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Yes i would keep him in until he's had all his shots, been neutered and is settled in his new home.

If you want to take him out on a lead that's fine because we have quite a few members who do that, but remember that he may want to go out when you can't be bothered and can you put up with him crying at the door?.

He'll settle down a lot once he's been neutered though.

Theres a lot of pros keeping a cat indoors
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Well decided on your advice to not let the little man out for a while and today, no crying by the door at all!!! If I motion near the back door it arouses interest but nothing more!!! If I or my bf go out there he cries because he wants to go but now he is just getting on with playing inside!! The house is like a cats fun house as I have loads of balls and toys around to entertain him. Loads of scratchy posts, catnip and pens with he absolutely loves!!!! Silly boy. Just want to thankyou for helping me with my fickle little friend!!!
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I agree with the other replys, if you take him out very often he will whine all the time to go out!!! I will take our cat out maybe once every month, that way he doesn't think it's something he can do regularly. However, I really wouldn't think that you should worry about his health. If he made it through whatever his life was before, and made it through a shelter on top of that, I wouldn't worry yourself about his health. Especially if he's started a vaccinations, he will be much less likely to catch anything. And he hasn't been around any other cats/dogs, that's where almost every cold/disease comes from. I wouldn't get yourself worried over his health, have faith in your little guy!!!
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