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Can't sleep and Reeses cares :)

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I've been up since oh....2am or so with a neck spasm/migrane/headache thing (tough to use is fine, laying down bothers me) and for the last hour or so Reeses has been laying in here with me. She could be on a nice soft comfy bed with my wife, but instead she's laying on a pleather office chair near me. How sweet
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I'll move this to fur pics
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I'll move this to fur pics
Thanks I added the picture at the last second.
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awe look at reeses such a sweetie pie lets see with my headache stormie layed on me (after I turned the light off of course) and now shes on my pillows, Stormie is somewhere in this room and blue stole the highest spot on the tree (its a race and fight for that spot but if bellas on it no one tries ) but reeses is just such a cutie
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Awww Reeses juat as sweet as the candy she's named after
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What a special little girl!
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Awww! She loves her daddy and knows you feel poorly. Bless her!
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Are cats the best or what? By the way... I share your presumable love for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Have you had the white chocolate ones?

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aww she knew her popa wasnt feeling too good, so she had to keep a little eye on you

Hope you are feeling better this morning
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awwww, wittle weeses wuv's her daddy!!!
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aweee that is very sweet. Cats are really good company when your not feeling well.

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