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Hypothyroid symptoms?

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I adopted a four year old cat today. His name is Cole. He might be part Maine Coon. He is very large. But he never eats human food or canned food. I tried to get him to eat both once I got him home he wasn't even the least bit interested. I adopted him from a foster home that I trust to tell me the truth, but still had to check. I was told he sheds ALOT, and has ALOT of dander. And believe me he does! I was told that he loves to lay on the bathroom floor, or play in the bathtub when there is water in it.

Even though he has a huge body his weight of 30 pounds is excessive. He is very overweight. He could stand to lose about 7 to 8 pounds. That is how huge he is. I think if he weighed anywhere between 18 and 22 pounds he would look healthy. I've tried to look up hypothyroidism in cats but every which way I pose the 'Hypothyroid in cats' question, I keep getting info on hyperthyroid in cats.

I will call my vet tomorrow and make an appointment to get him checked out. He is up to date on all of his shots. I know that since Cole is not sick I will probably have to wait until next week to get him in. I have already fallen in love with him since he loves to be brushed,(which I LOVE doing) and he is very social. I was looking for a large adult cat that loved being brushed for hours on end and I think I have found just what I was looking for. I don't mind the fact that he weighs what he weighs. It just really bothers me that I can't find any information on hypothyroidism.

Can anyone give me any info? Please?!?

Thank You,

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Hypothyroidism is extremely rare in cats, except as a side effect from radioiodine treatment for hyperthyroidism--which is why you're not able to find much information on it. Do you know how he was fed in the foster home? If he was free-fed food, then he may improve his weight and coat condition by being meal-fed instead. Trying to get him to eat canned food, even if you have to start with Friskies or Fancy Feast, may help as well. Having blood tests would still be a good idea, as there is always a possibility, even if it is small, that he is hyperthyroid. Overweight cats are also at risk for diabetes, which is another reason to work with your vet or a feline nutritionist to get his weight down. The added weight also puts a strain on their joints and heart.

Anyhow, here are a few links that discuss feline hypothyroidism:
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Thank you for the information. I called my vet and have an appt. next Friday. The vet will at that time do an evaluation and preform all needed tests. While talking to the receptionist, she did mention diabetes as being a possible cause of his excessive weight. I checked out your web sites and Cole did have a greasy feel to his coat when we got him. Also, it is noted in his records that he has had problems with matting (he is a short hair). He was not matted when I adopted him, but he was brushed daily in his foster home.

Once I find out any info from the vet I will post again to let you know. Thanks again for the links.

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