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Baby in belly shy

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I Had my ultrasound yesterday... And they couldn't see the sex of the baby AND the doc said insurance won't pay for another ultrasound! I am soooo disappointed... I can't possibly wait till September. Anyone know a way around this
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Aw - that's too bad! But just think, now it can be a surprise!
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Not so many years ago you wouldn't have known the sex of the baby because there was no ultra sound
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It's too bad the baby was being shy. I would be going crazy wondering myself.

At least what happened to my cousin won't happen to you. She had 7 ultrasounds all saying her baby was a definately a girl and she gave birth to a boy. I guess her son wanted to start playing tricks on his parents from the very begining.
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Nah - you don't need to know sweetie - 'cos this way we can have a 'guess the sex of the baby' poll!!! Don't worry - he/she will be here in no time, with a lovely surprise at the end!!!!
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I am sorry about your shy baby. It took forever for Christian to show us his boy parts...but finally when we were about to give up he opened his legs

You can ask your doctor and see how much an out of pocket ultrasound would would be surprise at how cheap they are.

I had 2 ultrasounds that were covered by ins. and then we paid out of pocket for a 3d/4d ultrasound and that was 125.00 , so I am sure the regular ultrasound is probably only 50 or 75 dollars. We are actually getting another ultrasound done this week to see what position he is in...and that will be covered because of the "malposition" (breech) that he is in...other than that we only are suppose to have 2 covered
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I'm sorry that the baby didn't do as you would have liked.
As for the ultrasound, that's CHEAP for one.Here they are around $350
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That stinks.....babies can be so stubborn!! I dont know what to tell you to be able to have another one, unless you pay for it....

Good luck if you get another one, maybe the turkey wont be so shy!!
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I think it's more interesting this way. It'll make it a bigger suprise when you finally do find out.
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Have a look at the 4d ultrasound places near you. We're going to have that done, and we're getting the more expensive package ($160) where you get a 30 minute 4d ultrasound, VHS, and DVD of the scan, as well as a CD with photos, glossy photos and other cool stuff. And if the baby doesn't open its legs, you get a complimentary rescan.

The cheapest package is $99 which includes:

* 15-minute 3D & live-motion 4D ultrasound session
* 4 to 6 Black and White Glossy 3D photos
* 2 Color photos
* CD photo slideshow with 20-40 color images (YES, a FREE CD!)
* Gender ID (only upon request or else we will keep it a secret!)
*, a customized website for your baby
So if you really want to know, and can pull the money together, or see if family will help out and ring around the 4d places and see what packages they can offer.
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We didn't want to know the sex of ours. The tech marked both "M" and "F" on the doctor's report so he didn't even know. It was sooooooooooo exciting, esp that last push when the doctor pulled out the baby and I looked and literally screamed, "It's a GIRL!!!!" Wouldn't trade that moment for all the money in the world!
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I know it would be fun to be a surprise... But I sooooooo want to know!!!
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Originally Posted by Forest View Post
I know it would be fun to be a surprise... But I sooooooo want to know!!!
I would soooo want to know too!

I was talking w/ a friend of mine who lives in Michigan and she was gonna get another done out of pocket and it was only like $30.

I would check into it!

Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?
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With my son, we found out. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about health insurance...Thank you Tommy Douglas....but anyways, it took 3 tries to find out the gender.

With our next child (when the time comes ) I don't want to know. I just want to be surprised, so I can experience both. I already have 4 full boy's names picked out and 4 full girl's names picked out, so it doesn't really matter.
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