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Faux fur vs. Faux fleece covered cat trees?

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Does anyone have experience with both or tips to offer me on which would be better? No kitty yet but I want to be prepared!
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My old fleece covered cat tree got absolutely covered in cat amount of lint brushing or vaccuming could get rid of it..although the cats did seem to really like the texture of it.

I find the faux fur ones easier to keep clean from cat fur. And as they come in more colours, its easier to find one that matches my home decor.
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I've wondered about this, too -- our trees are both carpeted, but I've been looking at faux fur. Does it provide enough padding for them to sink their claws into? Is it soft enough to be comfy for them?
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Our cat trees are carpeted!
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My cats avoid faux fur so I gave up on that. I found the only way to get hair off the carpeted cat trees is to manually scrub it off with a damp nubby cloth -- pull hard in one direction and then remove the clump of hair and again and again, tedious but it works. After cleaning a 5-bed, 6' cat tree in that manner, I wisely started putting a washable cover in the bed areas. I do that now with everything and every place they lounge. I use pillow shams mostly and that's kinda pretty with a sham ruffle hanging over the sides of the tree beds.

I've often wondered if animals are annoyed by the skin that we humans shed. Ya think?
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Mine prefer the fleece. I found it quite easy to get the fur off them by using a Zoom Groom!!!
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Mine has a carpeted tree, he is long haired and so far, no hair all over it!!!! I am quite surprised, maybe he gets up in the dead of night to clean it for me .
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I use a rubber brush to get the cat hair off my carpeted tree. I consider the fleece parts to be pretty much a lost cause. I just pull it off where I can.
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Ours is carpeted. I just give Bijou his weekly vacuum and it seems to cut down on a lot of shedding.
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We have this cat tree The mid sized one in smokey grey. I has faux fur and my cat's love it. The only problem that we're having now is that they are both getting REALLY BIG and don't fit well in the top basket together They make it work though. Diesel just lies on top of Tucker.
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i have 3 fur & 1 fleece. haven't really noticed a difference in fur adhesion, tho.
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