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Kitten born during night

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Hello everyone,
My long hair grey Tabby gave birth lastnight to a kitten.1 Kitten...Everyone was sleeping while this happen and I only found out about the kitten in the morning...The Kitten was already dried,the mess was all cleaned up by the cat...What I am thinking is that,it must have been several hours since the kitten was born,is it possible to just have 1 or should I be worried..Also..The kittens seems to be eating alot.I did try squeezing the mothers nipple and I never seen anything come out,but I guess I am doing it wrong..I knew my cat was expecting but I didn't think it would be this quick.She wasn't even nesting that I know of...Should I be nervous,or should I just wait to see what happens or should I just call the vet...I am confused and don't know what to do in this case...HELP
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I would hate to tell you not to worry if there is in fact something to worry about but it seems like everything is fine. Cats do sometimes have litters consisting of only one kitten. Is your cat acting uncomfortable? Or in pain? Touch her stomach and see if you can feel any other kittens inside her. I hate to reply to this with almost useless advice but I saw no one else had replied. I am sure you will get helpful responses, soon.
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It is possible that she only had one, maybe thats one reasonthat she suprised you. Because you diddn't know she was that far along. Is she struggling or acting like she has to push? Does she seem to be in pain or uncomfortable? Does she look like shes still pregnaant? If not then I personally wouldn't be too worried. She could just have one baby. By the wa if you can't get milk out is the baby eating at all? Good luck for you, mama, and the baby! Keep us posted.
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Yes, one of my cats had only one kitten, and she was the only kitten in her litter . Congrats! If the kitten is nursing, then it is probably getting something. You can get a regular kitchen scale and check it's weight each day if you're worried about it not getting enough to eat, but if it's anything like Meggie was (being the only kitten), a lack of food is not going to be the problem!
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Congrats on the new baby! Sometimes they do just have one kitten, so I wouldn't worry unless you see signs that mama is in pain, or still in labor. Just keep a close eye on the kitten to make sure it is eating and gaining weight. Would love to see pictures of mama and baby!
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dont worry some cats just have one-it will however be a very spoilt kittie-by you and mummy cat
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congrats on your new kitty aww just one well all that means is that moma only mated the one time

Hope alls well with them both, do keep us posted oooo and some photos when you get time

ps. remember not to use a flash, kittens eyes are very sensitive, well they are very new
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