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Need Vibes for Work - Possible Transfer Opportunity

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I think by now my misery at work and problems over the past few months with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and some other health issues regarding my hands is pretty well known. Today I officially was discharged from Occupational Therapy under the grounds that there isn't much more that can be done for me. I have the tools I need to try and improve on my own, and the only thing left is making a job change.

For those who don't know, I'm a Directory Assistance Operator. It is a very physically demanding job in my position. Along with the Carpal Tunnel, I have Cerebral Palsy which gives me it's own set of minor hand issues, and I have slight Scoliosis which is causing problems with my posture that affects my Carpal Tunnel. My job is very typing intensive. For atleast 2 hours until my first break, I have to have my hands on the keyboard, either typing, or being poised ready to input the next bit of information. Calls drop in literally a quarter of a second apart from each other at their busiest and about a second or two at their slowest. This doesn't give my body enough time to relax. Add to that our workstations. They are not ergonomic at all. The keyboard trays we have are adjustable, but they have little in the way of wrist support. Our chairs are lousy..most being hand me downs from other offices, so my back will hurt, or I'll get pain in my shoulder or collar bone.

So my OT insisted that I find another job...easier said than done. I really only have two options, quit and lose the pay and benefits that I get now, or try and get a job in another department, which is next to impossible. Jobs are given based on seniority and you're in competition with everyone in your district for them who wants to bid.

Finally today I had enough and I talked to my office manager (My boss's boss) and told him that I can't do the job any more. I'm on part time restriction for a few weeks, but after that I don't know what to do. Well I got some good news from him. That is that I can potentionally be deemed unable to physically do my job and moved to a different department that is less physically demanding for me.

But, like everything I've dealt with through this company so far, it's not easy. First I have to be evaluated by an independent ergonomic specialist who will watch me work for a few hours probably the week after next. He will then suggest modifications made to my work station to make it more comfortabl for me. I already know this isn't going to work. It's the job demands, not the ergonomics. So after that I then have to fill out a ton of paperwork, be evaluated by other specialists, have my doctor fill out a ton of paperwork, and then wait to see if I'm deemed unable to physically do my job so they can replace me.

I seriously need everyone's vibes on this. My office manager says that he's only had to do this for one other person and she wasn't approved. I don't know her situation, but it just makes me nervous, knowing that other people are going to tell me how I feel and whether or not I can do something or not. I know how I feel, and I know the strain the job is putting on my conditions. I'm hoping that with the CTS, the CP, the Scoliosis, all those things stacked up, that it will be in my favor, because I need this.
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You do need this.... I'm sending MANY vibes and prayers to you
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You've been through so much. I really hope you get it. Don't they have to accomodate you?
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More good <<vibes>> for the job transfer that will work better for you..If they can't move you to the different job, wouldn't that be a form of discrimination based on your current medical conditions?
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Originally Posted by Cairo View Post
You've been through so much. I really hope you get it. Don't they have to accomodate you?
They first have to accomodate me by making the workplace as accessible and comfortable as possible, that's why I have to be eval'd by an ergonomic specialist first. Then after that I need to be evaluated to see if I can physically do the job without discomfort. They don't HAVE to do anything to help me when it comes to placing me in a different office if I'm shown to not have any problems that will affect me with doing my job.
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I hope everything works out for you, Rob. Hey, it's worth a shot!
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Sending many good luck vibes your way.
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Major vibes coming your way from England I know from personal experience how difficult it can be to find a job that fits with your circumstances and abilities. I also know from experience (sadly) that intelligence and ability in areas in which you excel can be overlooked if there is just one thing in your job that you find difficult, thus causing you problems in one part of the job, even if you perform above average in other areas.

I really hope that you can get a transfer to something better
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Good luck Rob.
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I would brush up on the American's with disabilities act so questions aren't asked to you that you don't know the correct answers. Sending you good vibes.
Make sure you clench and shake out your fingers and wrists frequently.
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Sending vibes your way.
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I'll be thinking good thoughts for you, Rob.
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Just ran across this, and you surely have my full (albeit virtual) moral support! It's very clear that this is genuinely necessary, and I hope they do the right thing for you.
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