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Is it normal for Trey to urinate in his sleep?

Everything seems to be going fine in his development. He's growing bigger, his teeth have come out, he's much better at walking...just, he won't use the litterbox yet, and he often pees when he's sleeping. His box is almost soaked with it. We can't wash his rags faster than he wets them. Is it normal?
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im just wondering if he has an infection , maybe it hurts when he is weeing so he only lets out a little at a time , so when he sleeps his bladder is still very full and this is why he is weeing , imo i would take him to the vets.
explain to them what is happing they will be able to help .
please keep us updated on what happens.
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yes i would take him to the vet, i dont think that is norrmal, maybe he has bladder infection? hmmm...
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ditto on the pp, take him to the vet to get a UI checked out.

Also, keep putting him in the litter box (especially after he eats) and taking his little paw and making it scratch at the litter/pine/newspaper shreddings (whatever you have in there). Also, since he's just now getting better at walking, are you sure he can climb into the litter box on his own?
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I don't stimulate him after every feeding, because a lot of times he just wants to curl up and go to sleep and I don't want to bother him.

I try to get him to use the litterbox, but he refuses too. I can get him to pee while he's in it, but not poop, and that is only by stimulating him when he's in the box. When I put him in there after feedings, he wants nothing to do with it. If he wanted in, he can get in it, he's good enough at getting out when he doesn't want in. :: LOL ::
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Wait approximately 10 minutes after every feeding and gently stimulate with a warm, damp washcloth. I have found that the texture of a washcloth is closest to Mom's tongue and will help to speed the process when you need a kitten to eliminate. Even if you have to wake him to do it, it is better than allowing him to sleep in puddles of urine, which is caustic and can cause skin irritations and infections.
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