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Taking my cat on trips

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In a couple of weeks, I will be traveling to Lake Tahoe from Salt Lake City by car and I am taking Jake with me. He is all checked by the vet and everything. My question is, what do I do about a litter box? I can't really put it in the pet carrier with the cat. So how would I go about his going to the bathroom? Does he go in the carrier? Also, he cries alot when I put him in the crate. I mean, when I bought it, I put it on the floor with the gate open so that Jake would get familiar with it. But when I put him in there to take him to the vet, he meowed all the way. Please help.
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My friend Rene whose cat Milo is quite large (not fat) goes into a crate (a large carrier) when we travel to cat shows. She puts one of those small disposable cat boxes in with him. She's never had a problem. You might want to try that. Good luck!
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Thanks Donna, I will do that.
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Forgive me but I have no idea about geography ( I live in Canada so American Georgraphy blows my mind) but how long of a trip is that? I take my cats for drives of over 6 or 7 hours and they do just fine without a litter pan. Although when scrappy was only a few months old, he couldn't quite hold it (he started meowing and pacing) so I stopped and took him out on a leash and dumped a bit of litter in a small pan (I planned ahead just incase) and he had no problem using that.
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I traveled cross country with my cats. Here's a suggestion, but an airline approved dog crate and put a small litter box in it. I use them when I travel to shows. I got my small litter pan from K-Mart or WalMart. Have fun. I just got back from Kanab, Utah and had a blast.

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