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Going from newspaper to litter

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We're getting ready to adopt a new kitty from a local shelter. The cats there don't have normal litter; they actually have boxes that are just lined with sheets of newspaper. There's 40 cats, so this makes it a lot easier for the foster parents to keep the boxes clean and not have litter everywhere.

Has anyone had problems with getting a cat to go from newspaper to litter? Anything I should know ahead of time? The kitties also have uncovered boxes, and all of ours are covered. I planned to take the cover off for the first week until she gets used to the environment.
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Most cats instinctually bury their poop/pee so I would think that the kitty will be okay. Maybe keep them seperate from the other cats (in a bathroom or bedroom?) with a open litterbox for a few days to make sure that it works for them? Congratulations and good luck with your new kitty
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Most times you shouldn't have any problems. I would confine the kitten(s) to the bathroom with an open litter pan with the softer scoopable litter. Once they've used it a few times you can start moving the pan where you want them to go.

You might put a small piece of newspaper on top of the litter - that way the litter will get wet to attract them.

How old are the kittens you are adopting?
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No kittens. The cat is about 2 years old. Her profile on petfinder is here:


I think the pic is old though. Her fur is much thicker now and is a very deep black.

The litter we use (A&H Natural) is really soft, so hopefully that will be good. If we have problems, I'll try the newspaper on top trick. She's going to be in the only carpeted room in the house for the first week, so hopefully she won't have problems! No big deal if not though; it's the third floor and we never go up there.
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She's pretty Are you sure you don't want her on a cleanable surface for a few days?

Maybe put down some plastic and tape it to the carpet so its easier to clean in case of an accident. Since she's full grown, she should use the litter fine. I use the A&H Multi-cat.
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