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I need some advice about a cat that isnt mine

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Firstly I want to say sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place.

A family member who lives a long way from me, has a female cat who has not been spayed, the cat is 2 years old and has so far had 2 litters of kittens.

This is a young cat who I dont think is being treated to prevent fleas or worms either, and she is not being kept for breeding the owners are to lazy to get her spayed.

I have told them over and over the responsible thing to do is to get her spayed and ensure she is defleaed and wormed. but there always seems to be a excuse as to why it hasnt been done.

Can anyone point me in the right direction, or do I just call the RSPCA or the Cats protection league and let them deal with it?

The other problem is that the housing estate they live on seems to have cats popping out kittens all over the place, and they are being told that cats dont need to be treated for fleas, and they dont need spaying as its not nice to deny a cat the abilty to reproduce.

Am i right to push them to get the cat spayed? I know im right to try and ensure they look after it properly, but its difficult due to the distance they live from me.

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There isn't much the RSPCA can do about situations like that,unless the cats were
not being looked after,and even then if they have no room to take them in they may just put them to sleep.

If there is a particular 'area' that is an obvious 'breeding spot' on a housing estate then
if you contact Cats Protection head office they will refer the area to your local branch
of Cats Protection for them to go to the area and stress the importance of spaying their cats and they will issue vouchers.

here are their contact details

National Helpline : 08702 099 099 (calls charged at national rate currently at time of posting 29/7/06 ,approx 30p for 10 min)

E-Mail : cpl@cats.org.uk

Fax : 08707 708 265

Website : www.cats.org.uk

If you have any probs just let me know,Welcome to Tcs
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well, if you don't handle it right, your relatives will get hard feelings and maybe mistreat the cat even moreso.
what if you told them you just love that cat and would love to have her for your own? then you could go get her and have her fixed. You could remind them that they have so many cats around and you'd just love to have this one...
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