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Baby Food?

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I was wondering, since I have stopped giving Karnma wet food can I give her baby food? If so what kind should I get. She is starting to get very mad and basicly attacking me because she is not getting wet food.

I had tried a few of the flavors of Nutro Classic over the week end only to find out on Monday that they have been recalled now. So far she seems fine, she has no signs of poisoning so I think we got lucky. She only got a 1/4 of each can but did not really eat them. She acted like they were gross. I feel horable for even trying them but I am getting desperate. I tried the recipie from Sharky, she hated it. I have been giving her tuna but she is starting to get mad, she hates tuna but is eating it because she loves wet food. She yells while she eats it, not crying but everyonce and a while will look up at me and just yell, like she is telling me its gross.
Since the weekend and the new recalls my DH has said no more wet food, period. We just don't know what will be recalled next so its not worth it.

So would baby food work? What should I get? Has anyone tried it?
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for a interm with her dry yes baby food is okay.. READ the label... NO GARLIC ONIONS .. Most stage ones are just meat ... I use some stage two and threes after reading the labels
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Even though your cat sounds like an adult...I use baby food all the time for the litte ones I foster & as a treat for my own adults.

I highly recommend Natural Balance (wet food & dry) with a teaspoon of Beech Nut baby food - stage 1 - veal, beef, etc. are all good. The baby food is high in protein & as mentioned, no onions, etc. Kittens & adults absolutely love it.
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I would just buy a wet food that doesn't contain wheat gluten. On top of that, you can pick a brand that hasn't been implicated in the recalls. It sounds like this cat is really unhappy with the lack of wet food.
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Yes, if you want to avoid MENU entirely...a good wet food is Natural Balance, as leesali said. It's available at Petco No wheat gluten, no menu, just good stuff. It gets 2 paws up from 7 out of 8 of my cats.
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Both of mine like the Natural Balance, even Cindy who is very picky.
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I fed baby food to my cat that we were bottle feeding, when he was starting to be weaned. He loved it. My other cats we always given what he didnt eat and they liked it. I would try it,
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So I got Karma Beech Nut Turkey Rice Dinner, Stage 2. All it has in it is Sweet Potates, water, turkey and rice. I will be giving it to her tonight. I hope she likes it. We also picked up a can of 9 Lives, acording to the label it has no wheat gluten in it. I will wait on that though and see if she likes the baby food first. I still want to try and give her good nutrition oer the convienance of any wet food brand. I also am leary of any wet food with or without gluten in it. I will keep you posted on what happens.

SO its been an hour, I tried the food. She was okay with it but only if I put it on my finger and let her lick it off. She wont eat it in the bowl. If I have to I will sit there and let her lick it off untill she has had her full. Boy do I have a spoiled kitty or what.
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The human baby food is a nice treat, but it is not a healthy diet for your kitty.

There are still wet foods out there that are safe so your girl shouldn't have to go without. There have been many threads on good quality wet foods so if you do a search you'll find tons of info. Also since the recall there has been a lot of info on this forum about what foods are not affected by the recall.

It really is better to give your kitty a wet food diet anyway as it is healthier for her. I don't know if you've tried Merrick's but it is a quality food and most kitties really like it. Our fussy babies love it - well anything except fish or seafood.
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I agree with Yosemite

...back to the baby food, have you tried putting it on a flat plate, or saucer? My cats won't eat things like that from a bowl.
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Another trick of the trade is to boil some pepper, etc. and dice up the chicken w/some premium wet food...add in some of the chicken broth over the top and you have got a delicious & nutritious feline meal.

Talk about some spoiled guys get a boiled chicken lunch at least 3 days out of 7 mentioned by Yosemite, Merrick is another great line of food...Weruva, yet another good premium line (if you can find it) is so "real" you can eat it yourself.
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