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I have 2 questions about my midnight

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First question... My cat is 7 months old , her mother died at a early age when she was still nursing. She has been able to adapt and is now gaining weight and healthy. When Midnight and and I Lay down at night she has her own blanket which she has always loved and she lays on it. When she gets on it she moves her paws back n forth like she was nursing and even goes to the extent of sucking on her blanket. Why does she do this? Is this self calming to her in some way?

Second Question.... Midnight does not bite me but she will bite the kids, even if they are just sitting on the floor she will run up to them and bite them. I am not sure if this is her playing or why she "targets" the kids ( they are 13 and 11) My daughter does tell her firmly No but Midnight takes it as a game and gets her again. Do you know why she would be doing this and anything I can have them do so that midnight will gain respect for them like she has for me and will listen to them ?
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To answer your first question, this behavior is called "kneading" like kneading dough. Some people call it "making biscuits." This is what kittens do around the nipple area when they are nursing, and many cats, especially those weaned too early will continue this throughout their lives. My Ginger does it, especially on one sheepskin rug I have.

It comforts them and calms them, especially as they are settling down for a nap. Nothing to worry about.

To answer your second question, you are right in that she thinks it is a game at the moment. Your kids should yell "OUCH!" and literally turn their backs to the kitty and then ignore her when she bites them. She will eventually learn that this is no fun, and will grow out of it.

Also, your kids should keep some cat wand toys handy to distract her from biting at them - redirection is a great way to modify unwanted behavior.
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As for your first question, two of my boys do that all the time. Both were abandoned by their mothers at around 5 weeks old. They are now 8 & 6 months old and show no signs of stopping the behavior. I think it's cute though!
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These are 2 examples of the "behavior" problems in kittens that are taken from the mom/siblings too soon. While your cat's mom was gone during nursing time is no fault of yours.

But the suckling actions are typical of kittens not weaning properly. Not a lot you can do other then pet them and do your best to discourage them.

The biting is also a behavior problem - I'm assuming your kitten was the only one? What happened to the littermates? Your cat is using the kids as littermates and if she was allowed to interact with siblings, then she would learn the proper rules.

One thing is your kids cannot "pull away" when she bites - the prey instinct of holding on kicks in. They should relax their hands and tell kitty NO in a firm voice. When the cat stops, then take your hands away.
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