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Question of the Day 4-11-07

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How many traffic tickets have you gotten in your lifetime?
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I don't drive, I have never driven a car- only a tractor

People who give me lifts get tickets all the time however
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I've had three and all were dismissed.
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None! Errr ... I don't drive.

J has had exactly one, and he got it speeding to come pick me up. I must be a bad influence on him or something. (Actually, he mostly just doesn't get caught, 'cause he speeds all the time!)
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Just one, although I've gotten a ton of warnings. I was late for work and speeding. The funny thing is, if I had slowed down just alittle and hadn't gotten pulled over, I would've been on time *lol*
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I haven't had any yet. I know it just a matter of time though!
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Never had one. I have only ever been stoped by the police when it was my best friend and he was working the graveyard and wanted to talk to me so he pulled me over.
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uh, a lot, in fact I've lost count I've gotten so many If I really think about it.... probably at least 12-15 I got my license when I was 17 and have gotten at least one ticket every year, sometimes 2
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Katie- your a bad girl!

For me... 1 warning and 1 ticket for speeding. Not so bad.
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One for 80 in a 55.
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I was pulled over a few months ago for doing a little over 40 in what I thought was 40 limit - unfortunately it was actually a 30 limit, so I was quite a bit over the limit!!! The cop was lovely though, and let me off with a verbal warning (pretty good considering that when he told me it was a 30, I let out a very large RUDE word as well!!!! )
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Katie- your a bad girl!
I know can you believe my monthly insurance payment was at one time more than my car payment??
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I know can you believe my monthly insurance payment was at one time more than my car payment??

With that many tickets YES!! Someone has a lead foot!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
With that many tickets YES!! Someone has a lead foot!
that's an understatement! anyone in the Akron Oh area?? I'm going to be down there alot more often just a little warning - kidding!!! I'm not a crazy driver, just fast, and there is a difference I swear!!!
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Just one, and thats been like 9 or 10 yrs ago, at least....
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None. Got pulled over once & let off with a warning. I was going 1 MPH over the limit....cop spent the entire time admiring one of my dogs...told me if I ever needed to find her a new home....
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Knock on wood, only one and that was 20 years ago! That was for an illegal u-turn! I did get a warning for "exceeding the speed limit" last year. I believe that people who drive Subaru's get fewer tickets, because who would believe a Subaru could actually speed?
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I have gotten several, but none in the last 7-8 years.... I learned my lesson though, I got clocked doing 105 to be young & crazy.....
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none for me My DH thinks I've been dead lucky not to
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None because i have a chauffeur, aka the bus!!
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Three, I think. The last one was about 25 years ago, and the other two in a period a few years before that when my general frame of mind was such that I probably shouldn't have been driving at all. I'm sure I deserved a bunch more then.
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I had one parking ticket about 5 years ago and that's been it.
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None ... yet
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I've never been pulled over thank the Lord!!!!

I did get a ticket once for being too far forward when I parallel parked but that was totally unfair! It was pretty much my first time and it was fall. The leaves were covering the ground pretty much and some cop sat in his car and watched me struggle to park. I was late so I finally jumped out of my car thinking I'm a good equal distance between the car in front and back of me. Well when I get back, I had a little ticket waiting for me. I was literally inches over the line! Which was mostly hidden by leaves!!! Stupid cop watched me struggle, could have offered to help. He just saw an easy ticket coming. I was so upset my mother went and paid the ticket in the end. I bet if the thing hadn't been right near the courthouse and downtown no one would ever have noticed!
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~Wow lets see hmm counting on fingers and toes here...think I might have to start calling the kids in here to use theirs lolol....Ive had over 10 tickets, that I know of and remember. I have had over 30 warnings. Im a big traveler and my husband calls me LEAD FOOT lol I do like to get where Im going in RECORD time lolol...who likes to wait I mean the fast lane is called FAST for a REASON lolol~
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ive had 5 3 speeding tickets, 1 running a stop sign which I dont agree with and 1 running a red light which turned red as I went through it but it was my fault still. I pushed it. I havent had a ticket for over three years now though knock on wood.
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I also quit driving in 1988.
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None so far in my 24+ yrs. of driving..I am knocking on lots of wood right now..I hope this won't "jinx" me...
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I have never had a speeding ticket. (knock on wood)

I have been pulled over leaving a bar at 2am (I was wasted) I had to do the whole sobriety test (luckily not the breathalizer though) and somehow PASSED! Wheww.. no DWI

I accidently (as if I did it on purpose ) rear ended someone and had to go to "traffic school" to get it off my record.

I've had a ticket for expired tags.. oops
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1 speeding ticket and 2 warnings
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