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Hi folks,
I am having a problem someone can talk to me about. My Oreo (7yrs 24#) is having a problems with "quivers" I know they are not seizures but I'm not sure what it is and the vet can't see him until Wednesday. If I run my hand down his back, about half way he will start quivering (shaking all over and if I touch him on either side just below the area on the back he will get vocal (unusal for him) and try to turn and mouth me (not quite a bite).

Any ideas?? A friend who has experience with animals says it might be a slipped disk or pinched nerve. He is still eating and using his litter box like normal. This has been going on since Friday. He is strictly indoors. He still follows me around and is not limping but he is coming up my inside 13 steps slower and has to stop for a minute but he makes it.

Needless to say I'm the basket case. I hate to think of him hurting. Any suggestions until I get to the vet on Wed? (I know better than to use aspirin).

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Gosh, I wish I could help but I really don't have a clue.

All I can say is I hope very much there is nothing seriously wrong and the vet can put your mind at ease.

Good thoughts for Oreo until Wednesday. Let us know what happens.
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It certainly sounds as though he could have injured his back by his symtoms but you won't know for sure until he sees the vet. Seems to me that if you tell your veterinarian you believe your cat has injured his back they should see him right away. Have you considered maybe trying another vet in your area to see if they can see him sooner?
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Please have Oreo checked for "Feline hyperesthesia

Here is a website that explains it further:


Hope this helps a little - please give Oreo plenty of kisses
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As someone who had a kitty with feline hyperesthesia, please tell your vet you suspect he might have this. Copy off the information you find on it from the internet and take it into the office with you. My vet hadn't even heard of it when Bacardi started acting out like this.

Also if your cat does have it, look for him to start running around the house like the hounds of hell are after him and then collapse panting in a heap, rest a minute and start all over again. He may also start running tight circles in middle of your floor. I hope your vet knows about this affliction.

Good luck- you can pm or email me if you like?
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Hi. I thought I'd let everyone know what is going on with Oreo. I feel kind of stupid to say the least. I got him to the vet today and he was looked at. It turns out he's had an allergic reaction to something. My vet says its like a really really bad sunburn that someone is running their fingers over when I pet him. He got a hypo of Cortisone that should fix the problem.

The only thing I can think that would do it was maybe a flea that came in on my clothes when I was working in the yard. I haven't had fleas for YEARSSSSS! It seems there was only one, but enough to cause problems !

Thanks for the advice and I'll let you know when/if it clears up.

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This is GREAT to hear! Glad it wasn't anything serious!
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What a relief! Yeah Oreo!! No need to feel stupid, you were concenred did the right thing!
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Better to be concerned and find out it isn't anything major than to *think* it's nothing and it ends up being something bad. Don't feel stupid at all!

I'm so glad everything will be OK with Oreo. He is a very lucky kitty to have such a caring and observant person in his life.
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