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They Are Here!!!

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Ok so koolaid jsut had 2 babies. I have been sick so when i woke up at 10:30 the 2nd one had jsut come out. I'm nervouse.. since the hair around her teats never fell out i am worried that the 2nd babie isnt eating. momma isnt cleaning it as well. I'll let you know her progress, let me know if that is normal about the baby
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Aww, that is wonderful! Keep us updated on how she is doing.
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Congratulations!! Do you know if she's going to have any more?
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Ahh Im sure it will be fine-maybe just show her a bit.when PS kitten had her babies she didnt know what she was doing-from cleaning to picking them up to feeding.She used to roll on them and they would get crushed.We helped her and I didnt sleep at all the 1st 3weeks and now she is an expert mother and the babies are fat and healthy.You will be fine-congratulations-Celebrate!!
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Congratulations! I am sure all will be well. Let us know how many she has!
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Third baby born and about 11:30. 1st one doing great (piglet) 2nd one doesnt seem to be trying to get any food. maybe no sucking reflex? we will see. i'll keep everyone posted
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good luck! so exciting, hope everything is going well and all suckling ok now.
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congrats on the 3 kittens so far . i would place the 2nd kitten by the nipple and try and get him/her to suck sort of gently put his mouth on the nipple. if he is still very wet take a soft towl and just gently rub him and dry him of , but make sure mum can see you doing this.
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aww congratulations on the 1st arrivals

hope all is going well for moma and her sweet babies

Keep us posted if you can
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Awww Congratulations
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congratz! there have been alot of litters this week. i hope all goes well for oyu and your kitties. good luck with them
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congratulations to Koolaid (a rather 'kool' name lol)....we want pics of the babies!!

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lol what a pun , mixie!
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yeah, more healthy babies! congratulations!

waiting for pictures of mom and little ones. I love that I get to come here and get my "kitten fix".
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Congrats! Glad mama and babies are doing ok so far. Please keep us posted, and don't forget the pics!!
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Congratulations to you, Koolaid and the babies
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Will be posting pictures of the newborns here in a few days, will continue to post as they get bigger too!
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Is this her first litter? If so, than it's to be expected that it will be full of minor errors and some clumsy mistakes. No reason to fret. With your help Kool-Aid will get the hang of it. Or so I read..
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~Aww more babies! Im on BABY OVERLOAD! Love em! As far as cleaning hair away from nipples, my NoNo who is a first time mommy didnt clean hair away until a day AFTER babies were born. The first day everyone just scrambled for a nipple and I guess it kicked in and she cleaned hair away from them. Im sure she will get the hang of it. CANT WAIT TO SEE PICS! Congrads~
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