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What's for lunch today?

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I am having 2 pieces of raisan walnut toast with cream cheese and a chocolate chip cookie and 3 pieces of licorice. I am trying to eat good and my mom brings me a cookie and licorice. so what are you having for lunch today? oh and I am having a soda. so much for eating good.
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I am too lazy to make lunch, I grabbed a handful of hot Cheeze-Its and a banana sandwich. Yuk, who likes banana sandwiches, I do. They are easy to make, easy cleanup. I must go make some tea, too lazy to put the kettle on and wait for the water!
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I had a grilled cheese sandwich... well, I should say half of one, the doggies pursuaded me to share.
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Since I am a very late riser, my lunch isn't usually till 3 or 4pm and today I am running out for some White Castle burgers. Depending on where your from, I don't know if you have them in your area. They are small burgers and really delish, I can eat 5 of them with small fires.
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leftover grilled chicken from Easter ( I FINALLY finished it off) and leftover garlic & parmesan roasted potatoes (ora ida- they're awesome!!!) and some of that cheesecake i made for Easter
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Nachos w/ lots of hot sauce!
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I actually did good and had tuna salad on a slice of toast and a pickle! Of course, everything else mentioned sounds yummy... specially the white castle! Yeah for sliders! LOL
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We had pimento cheese sandwiches and minature dill pickles.
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I had a chicken sandwich and Doritos
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2 pieces of leftover hawaiian pizza.
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peanut butter and jelly sanwhich
it was good i want another but I have to save oom for my alfrado and shrimp that I am having for dinner
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