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Just seen kittens on ultrasound!

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so excited!!! Just got home from vet who scanned Maisie and we saw the little babies on the ultrasound! def at least 3 in there! Wow so exciting, wriggling about!!
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Oh, I bet that was quite exciting!!! Why did you have an ultrasound done? I may have missed a post about this though.
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aww, congratulations I bet that was something special to see
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Congrats! I can imagine how exciting that was for you!
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because she displayed signs of going into season, standing etc, so i thought i'd just check she was still pregnant. Plus as i work as a petsitter/dog walker i wanted to make sure i didn't take bookings for days around when shes due! to be honest i'm a bit overprotective, panicky person!!
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Did they give you an idea of when she is due?
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we are pretty sure its may the 13th/14th as she was mated twice then! Exciting!
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wow thats excitign! so do you know how many babies there is gonna be? or a guess?
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we saw at least 3. There could be more, but the vet just said it gets hard to know as u can recount the same ones etc. She said at least 3!! One was really wriggly, the other two alot quieter - maybe sleeping!! Can't wait to see them!! They are British shorthairs and been trying to work out which colours we can get out of this mating. I think the poss colours are: blue, black, blue-cream, tortie, or poss red or cream tabby. But the breeding assistant program i used required a bit of guesswork with the genetics so can't be sure!!
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Oh how exciting! How many weeks gone is Maisie?
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did they look like kittens? I know that might sound dumb but I picture little legs and paws and little snouts with big ole bellys lol
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