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Favorite Cat Breed?

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What is your favorite cat breed? I know I will never have the money to buy one but if I did I would get a Maine Coon. I love these cats.
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mixed breeds (what I have ), tabbies, bengals, and persians (I would never own a persian, though just because I don't think I'd be the right owner for one)
I hope to have a bengal someday, though rescued of course. both of my kitties were rescues. maine coons are beautiful. I hope to have a girl kitty someday.
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I think that Tonkinese, Burmese, Siamese, and Russian Blue kitties are all adorable. And I've never seen a British shorthair up close but I think they are very pretty in photos!
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My favorites are standard-breed kitties!! Specifically, I like the stray and feral variety.
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For me, it's Ocicats
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For me, I love Bengal's (I have 2 of them), Siamese (I have 2 of them). I also love Aby's and Somali's (Wish I had at least one of each).
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I love the fluffy kitties, Maine Coon, Norwegian, etc. I also think they Russian Blues and Bengals are beautiful too. Oh and Siamese. And well, all of them!
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Mixed breeds and Siamese are my favorites of course, because that's what I have. But I also love Bengals and Maine Coons and would love to have one of each someday.
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Of all cats, domestic and the big cats, it`s cheetahs every time.
But if I can only choose domestic then moggys or Chatreux
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I've owned (purebred) Russian Blue, Turkish Angora, Cornish Rex and now Ocicat.

I think the oci's are my fav now with CRex a close 2nd. Love both of their personalitys.
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Got to love moggies too though.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I've owned (purebred) Russian Blue, Turkish Angora, Cornish Rex and now Ocicat.
I think those Turkish Angora's are so beautiful, very elegant.
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Turkish Angoras That's what my little Isabella is. But i really don't have a favorite i like all kitties I have several dsh's, a siamese (torti-point), and an odd-eyed turkish angora. I love them all and think they're all gorgeous! they are all rescues
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I like my standard moggie strays, but I think Bengals are just beautiful and I would love a Maine Coon. I'm embarassed to admit (on a cat-lover's site!) that I really don't know all that many breeds.
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I am in love with Maine Coons at the moment and want one for my next kitty
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I love them all... I do not have a preference.. I have a pretty Moggy girl with babys on the way and i will have a retired bengal girl soon.
Cats rule dogs drool... (Yes i have 2 dogs)
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Oooh i like everything, but...my favourites as I have had them for 10 years... British shorthairs. They are so laid back and affectionate like big teddy bears.

Also love my Bengal and would def have another. Other than that I'd like (not necessarily in order of preference!)....

1) Abyssinian
2) Ocicat
3) Burmese
4) Egyptian Mau
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I love most breeds and couldn't tell you which one I love the best, I would never get any animal from any breeder. I believe in going to the local shelter and save a life. There are some beautiful dogs and cats at these shelters and some are pedigree.
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I like strays. My black/white shorthair came to me last year starving, declawed, thin, homeless. She was about 2 years old. Looked like somebody just dropped her off-she had two collars on and the phone number did not work (I went to reverse phone directory) on her tag. Of course, I scoured the neighborhood and shelters looking for her owner.

The collar was pink with missing rhinestones-that alone broke my heart.

Fastforward to today: After her adjusting to a new home, psychological problems from the incdent, and putting up with a cat that I already had for 9 years, she has calmed down quite a bit and loves her home.

In one year, she is a totally different cat.

They are both black and white cats.
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I love the red foxy Somalis
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
I've owned (purebred) Russian Blue, Turkish Angora, Cornish Rex and now Ocicat.

I think the oci's are my fav now with CRex a close 2nd. Love both of their personalitys.
I can completely agree with you about the Oci's... definitely in a league of their own.
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I pretty much like all cats so its hard to decide though Orientals have a special place in my heart
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wild cat would be a tiger joke i would never want to own one they belong in the wild. but i can dream.
house cat bengal. i love my moggys to pieces and would never stop owning them , or should i say them letting me stay with them
i know i would never have a pure breed , but if i ever did it would be the bengal
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I love bengals! They are beautiful! I would love to get one but they are so expensive! lol
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i love them all wat can i say...but i really want a bengal one day and well golden kitty has turned me onto ocicats as well but i love all the breeds pretty much love the fluffy ones alot too
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All of them, especially the moggies
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I love Turkish Angoras, but I'll likely always have moggies, or at the very least, rescue kitties.
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Well, as it happens, I saw my first Bengal just this afternoon. She was a six-month-old kitten being surrendered to the (no-kill!) shelter I volunteer for, and the lady was in tears over it... but her little boy was just too allergic, and she couldn't keep her.

A six-month-old Bengal girl! Oh gosh, how I wanted her myself! But it was out of the question. She was an incredible beauty, and I tried to reassure the weeping woman that she would be no doubt be adopted instantly...

But really, a hyperactive Bengal would not be the best fit in my little fur family. If I can ever have more kitties, I would love a Ragdoll (for the cuddling) or a Norwegian Forest Cat (for the sheer beauty).

But the truth is, if I ever have another kitty, it will be whoever just grabs my heart and won't let go... the kitties choose me, not the other way 'round...
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