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I got some very sad news yesterday. One of the cats at the shelter crossed the bridge yesterday afternoon. He was breathing funny so he was rushed to the vets office. He died within 5 minuets of getting there. They did a post mortum & found his lungs were covered in tumors & he also had CHF. The vet had never seen anything like the tumors they found on his lungs so they took photos. He was SOOO cute & So sweet. He had only been with us a couple months. I don't remember his exact age, but I believe he was 2-4 years old, far too young to have left us.

R.I.P. sweet chuckles, all the volunteers will miss you. Wait for us over the bridge.
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Oh how sad..RIP sweet angel Chuckles.
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Rest in peace chuckles.
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Oh goodness the poor baby At least he's all healthy again over at the bridge

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Oh poor Chuckles, you are now healthy again. I hope you are having fun over at the Bridge.

RIP Chuckles
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So sorry about Chuckles. Sad that he will never find a loving home now, but he will be healthy and whole at the bridge, and know that he is loved.

Rest in peace little one.
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Oh my, how sad, bless the little mite

RIP Little one, you are free forever, have lots of kitty fun over the Bridge
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Oh, I'm very sorry. RIP sweet kitty. Run free.
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Thank you all. These are always the hardest ones. At least if they are in a loving home it makes it a little easier, but I can tell you one thing every cat at our shelter is loved.
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sorry to hear your sad news. RIP chuckles x
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Play happily Chuckles.
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Poor little Chuckles! At least he's happily playing at THE BRIDGE now. RIP Chuckles.
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RIP Chuckles - play safe and well over the Rainbow Bridge.
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I'm so sorry.

RIP Chuckles
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Aw, poor little Chuckles! You left this world too soon! Rest peacefully, honey!
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