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HELP!!-Catsitting a "Siamese If You Pleez!!!

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Siamese Kitty Welcomes Me With Open Claws and Open MEOWWWWSSSS!!!

I have begun, just this morning, catsitting my neighbors kitties for the next 2 WEEKS!!! We live in an apartment building so it's really very easy to get to the apartment but as soon as I put the key in the keyhole, it all becomes a battle between me, the door and BOOMER. Boomer their Siamese, who is a very sweet kitty by the way, sticks his face in the door in the hopes of sprinting out the door and into the hallway. Then once that battle is over, he is screaming at me until I pet him and continues to scream and swat at my feet as I replace their water bowls and refill their dry food bowls. The mornings will be tough because I work and only have time to say hi and then fill up the bowls so they are set for the day. But battling with him is no picnic. When I try to leave he wraps himself around my legs and swats at me while he screams preventing me from leaving. Not sure how I got out of "HIS" apartment this morning but I did. This can't continue. Should I bring a squirt gun with me? We tried the can with coins and shaking them at the door but it does nothing for him anymore. He got use to the noise.

So leaving the apartment is a real battle. How can I get him to calm down? After petting him awhile he starts to bite too. HELP!!!

I have three Tabby's myself. Completely different all around so this is going to be a trying 2 weeks.

So we have 3 issues really:

Attention issues
Escaping issues
Biting issues

What should I do?
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I have a siamese mix named PHX. He also gets VERY UPSET when we try to leave and will sit right in front of the door and grap our ankles.... What I have been doing though is keeping the can of treats by the door and I will give him a few--- all the way across the room and then say "Bye PHX" and then leave. He's usually too distracted by the treats to realize what's up. But lately I think he's starting to catch on.Hmm? It might work for you to do that.

As for the cat trying to escape, yeah I would try a spray bottle (just make sure you don't get them in their face or ears) It might give you a couple seconds to get inside.

And for the biting issues, it's probably his way of telling you that he wants petted. Or maybe that he's done being petted.. hmmm who knows cats are weird. But when he bites say a firm "NO". It may take a few times, but I've been trying this with PHX and now when I say "PHX NO" really firm and deep-- he looks at me like "What mom???"

But overall, I think maybe he just misses his family and right now he really wants you to stay and pet him... Is there anyway you can go in an extra 5 minutes early to be able to spend a little extra time with him, or maybe more trips in there during the day?

Good luck, and let us know how it goes
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Thank you so much for the advice.

Actually when I watched him last year, it worked out that I was able to spend an hour after work with him each day. And on weekends, I would spend an hour in the morning, and another hour during dinner time. Each time I would spend with him, I planted myself on the floor, got some toys, watched some TV, talked to him and even took some pictures of him. He is a little ham when the camera comes out. So during those times, he's really good. But as soon as I leave, all hell breaks loose. LOL

Instead of the gun I'll get a spray bottle instead. I will definitely keep you guys posted. Any other ideas would be great everyone. Keep them coming. I got two weeks worth of stuff to try out. LOL

Thank you again.
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Oh by the way I don't think I told you.....

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Siamese cats (generalisation coming up!) tend to be very people-oriented. I expect he's missing his humans terribly and feeling quite lonely, hence his behaviour - which sounds to me to be very frantic, I think he's letting you know that he isn't happy. And when Siamese do that it can be very loud and persistent!

Fortunately the situation isn't for long and his humans will be returning, but he doesn't know that, he just feels confused and alone.

I wouldn't use the squirt bottle tbh - what if he was halfway out the door, you squirted, and he managed to go out (and flee in terror!) instead of back inside? I find one of the best ways to prevent escape is to unlock the door, open it a crack, and then use my coat or jacket to block the gap in the door and gently push kitty back into the hallway while I enter. Going out, pick up kitty, open door, step out, put kitty down and keep your arm in the door until the gap is too small for kitty to get through, then remove arm and shut/lock door. I have had a lot of practice at this

When you're there, give him loads of attention and play with him. Even if he's not much of a cuddler and won't tolerate it for long, Siamese do love it if you talk to them a lot and if you respond to his vocalisations.

I have an Oriental Shorthair kitten (to all intents and purposes the same as Siamese in all but colour) and your description sounds like my attempts to leave for work - the howling, the grabbing of ankles, the desperate 'DON'T LEAVE MUM' cries from my little baby. Even if Nate is sitting in the next room on his day off! And I get wailing and kitten clambering all over me when I get home too. I find it endearing.
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Very interesting! Well, thankfully they get their newspaper delivered to their door so I folded the paper and put it in the crack of the door as I opened it. Then pushed Boomer back. I'm just afraid he's gonna get smart and leap over me and then it's all over. LOL Frantic cat in the hallway equals frantic Catsitter. LOL But that's ok. I have never picked him up and not sure how he will react but spending time with him, I will do tonight. Poor little honey. I did talk to him as I do my own kitties. And explain things in detail to them so they do not get upset which they really don't. But when I talked to him this morning, he cried even louder. Maybe he did understand me and when he heard I had to leave, he got even louder. I promised him I would be back. I feel so bad though. I hate leaving a crying cat at the door. Just hate it. But what can you do? Thanks for the help. I guess I really need some reassurances right now. You guys are great. Keep the ideas or great advice coming. 2 weeks seems like forever all of a sudden.

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Well about the crying there's not a lot you can do about it, Siamese are like the cat equivalent of people that don't ever take a break from sharing their every last thought and emotion with you! He'll be telling you he's pleased to see you, that he's hungry, that he had a good nap earlier and that then he had fun chasing a fly but it got away, and then he'll voice his displeasure when you leave - it's just the way Siamese are. Just spend as much time with him as possible
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Thanks Epona!! I will.

Hey, one more question. How do you guys put banners on your pages? Do you have to pay to be able to have one? I make my own banners but not sure how to get one on here. All your banners are so adorable.

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Try distracting him when leaving - like a feather toy or a "mouse" - something that he goes and chases - so you can escape.

As far as the coming in - I'd use "no and put my foot/body in the space. Or use the term "back/back off".
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Thanks Golden Kitty. I'll give it my all.
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I'm a professional pet sitter and I've seen my fair share of animal behavior problems through my eight years. I would definitely use a squirt gun when coming in the door and I would squirt as I was opening the door to back him up. While I don't love the idea of soaking the little guy his escaping from the apartment is my first concern. If he associates the door with getting wet it won't be pleasant for him but he will be safer. As a biter catching him poses a number of problems so it's best if he never gets away from you in the first place.

I second the treats when leaving idea. Being bitten and scratched is no fun especially when you have someplace else to be and need to be dressed for it. If it's ok with his owners give him something super yummy like some tuna and slip out as he's eating. I know he wants attention but you have to go to work and after all, cats sleep about 18 hours out of the day so it can't be THAT bad! Besides you can hang out with him in the evenings.
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Thanks HowToHoldACat. Very much appreciated!!!

Oh boy oh boy...can't wait for tonight.

I hope I find his toys. They forgot to tell me where they keep em. We'll see how it goes.
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