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just seeing if this works....
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i finally got it!!!!!!!!!
Just click on the first part of the link and u can see my baby
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Nothing showed up.
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Lulu, nothing is showing. Can you try again?
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If you like Lulu, send the image of your cat to my e-mail and I'll host it for you on my webpage.

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Thanx Bunn your great I´ve mailed u some pics, hopefully you´ll have an easier time then me, finally everyone will get to see my baby Thanx again.
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I got your e-mail and I'm now sorting them out for showing, get ready everyone for the cutest kitten in the world

If anyone has trouble viewing them visit the images here
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Wow, what a seriously sweet baby.

I'm SO jealous. Just want to pick it up and cuddle it!
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That brought such a smile to my face!
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What a cutie pie!
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The second picture made me laugh!

No, not the camera...I haven't fixed my hair yet!

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What a cutie!! I can see why you were trying to hard to post pics. Well, now that I've had my cute quotient for the day, I can get back to work. :tounge2:
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Goodness me!!! That should be illegal!! Cuteness overdose!!!
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What a precious little fluff ball!!!
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Thanx Bunn...
U are totally awesome, finally everyone got to see my baby, but you must tell me how you did it, so next time hopefully I can do it myself.
I´m glad everyone loved my Baby, I´ll try to post more pics, so you can all see him, before he becomes a big boy
I know... That second pic is also my favorite..poor guy he´s having a bad hair day
Thanx again everyone

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You're most welcome

Your kitty is so beautiful and I'll keep the pictures on my site if that's okay?

Because I use Geocities I have to wangle a way round their annoying little 'pictures won't show on other sites with links' problem. I have your e-mail so I'll send an message on how to do it using Geocities.

To join up (it's free with basic webspace' just goto and follow the instructions. A word of advice though, if you run a firewall you'll find the 'Pagebuilder' won't load, so you have to drop the wall to allow it to work.

Any problems just give me a shout and I'll be happy to help out
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What a cutie!!!!! She is so precious!!!
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