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My Ducks!

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I have 14 ducks, 8 of which hatched just last week.

The first one is Sweetpea, my 8 month old Crested Duck.

Then we Have Waddles My 8 month old Cayuga Drake. Waddles is big man on campus, such a gorgeous boy!

Here are all my Grown ups all together!!

and now for the Babies!!

This little one is a Baby Silver Appleyard Duck, I have two of these.

This is a Baby Pekin duck, we have 4 of these little ones.

and this is a Baby Mallard. we have 2 of these babys!

Ducks are such great pets! they are so amusing to watch, I can sit and watch them for hours! they have such awsome personalities! I love my Ducks!
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Hi again!The photos are just so precious!!what gorgeous babies
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I just love duckies!!!
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What gorgeous ducks, and adorable little baby ducks!

My mother always wanted to retire someplace with a pond and have ducks. It was one of her fondest wishes...
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ps the black ducks are stunning-the knight ducks of the round table
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sorry one more post,im fascinated.what do your cats make of them?
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Originally Posted by chromodactyl View Post
sorry one more post,im fascinated.what do your cats make of them?

The cats are very interested in the ducks! The babies are in the house in a brooder box for 4 weeks, so the cats sleep on top of the brooder box. They just watch these little guys all day long! When i let the ducks out of their box, so they can run around some, the cats run off! they are completely freaked when the ducks are lose.
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OMG they are adorable
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All your ducks are so gorgeous!! Waddles' green is so bright! and of course the little ducklings are so precious
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I just love foul of all kinds.
The only duck I've owned though was a complete mystery to me.
Near as I can tell, one of my neighbor's Pekin hens left an egg in one of my Banty hen's nests.
My little Banty raised the little duckling as her own and I ended up with a big white Pekin hen that was convinced she was a tiny Banty chicken
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You have beautiful ducks! I love the color of your crested!
I have 2 young Pekins right now...I picked them up at the local farm supply store. I have 1 adult Pekin and 4 mallard mixes as well. Ducks are fun! I have geese as well and if you happen to get a gander he will sure keep you on your toes!!! I have 9 geese and one gander and springtime is sure exciting around have to keep an eye on him unless you don't mind bruised legs! Those guys really do "goose" you!
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Gorgeous! I love ducks, I would love to keep ducks soooo much! I regress into a complete child when I see ducks bibbling on a lake, especially if they have ducklings in tow - I can't help getting so excited to see them
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Wow! How fascinating. I am wondering where you keep them.
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They are cute! Great pics!!
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Oh my !!!! what precious photos - those are such cuties - I'm a duck fan too
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Originally Posted by Persi & Alley View Post
Wow! How fascinating. I am wondering where you keep them.
we have a very nice coop that my hubby built for them. he is quite handy to have around!

other than that, they have free range of our 13 acres.
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Awwww!!! They are adorable!
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o my they are such cuties look at all those babie duckies, they are such great pics and o my u have such cuties
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Awww how adorable! I love the "hairstyle" on the first one - its like a little old man!

I love ducks as well - reminds me to go to the river and feed them!
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yr ducks as i said b4 are just "simply the best,better than all the rest,better than..."dont rememb the rest of the words. but I m yr biggest fan of yr ducks.You should find a duck forum too-make the rest of the ducks jealous
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Awww they are soooo cute! I would love to have ducks someday. My favorites are the babies. Nothing cuter than a baby. LOL
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Can I come live with you guys? They are all so sweet and beautiful - the first reminds me of Fonzie
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They are beautiful! I love the babies! Your coop looks very nice too. I wish my hubby could build things, LOL.
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Awwwwww! They are absolutely beautiful and the babies are sooo cute!
I love ducks!
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post more duck photos plssss!
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Wow, they are adorable! I love the babies!
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