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Bought Felidae... Some frustration/issues!

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So yesterday I bought a case of Felidae canned food for my kitten, I bought her the chicken and rice formula because the other formulation was a combination off too many things! Anyways I gave her some last night and she was in heaven, but when I went to give her some for breakfast she wanted nothing to do with it, she wanted her dry food! She is new to wet food and loves it so im unsure as to why she wasn't interested this morning! I do have one grip about this formulation, there are huge huge hard chunks of something in it that she cant chew down... LOL instead she bats the hard balls with her paw! The only other wet food she has encountered was Wellness kitten and it didnt have any hard objects inside! What is the hard stuff in it, its almost clearish? Why didn't my kitten want her wet food this morning? I'll feel stupid if I just bought a case of this stuff and she doesnt want it anymore... I wonder if she considers it a nightime meal or a snack... I have only givin her wet foods at night before today!
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The Mystery of kitty eating habits....

Was it cold ( the food temp) this morning vs room temp last night??
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Was it the rice?

Often times, rice in canned food isn't ground, and is found in whole rice pieces in the food.
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Yeah the rice isnt ground but I made sure she had alot of the soft stuff mixed in with it! I warmed it up to room temp!
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Try giving her canned in the evening, and dry in the morning. For some reason known only to himself, Jamie will only consider wet food in the evening. Maybe your kitten is the same.
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I was shocked by this! Im going to try giving her some this evening! She was all about it last night but not interested this morning... What a weirdo!
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Jamie won't eat the same food two meals in a row, or for that matter, for more than two meals in one week, so I'm not surprised. Hope your kitten gets used to eating the wet Felidae!
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Cats can be strange sometimes...or, all the time in some cases.

Some cats won't accept reheated food. Most of mine will, but I have one that can smell the ~~microwaves~~ from a mile away. I tried reheating by setting a can in warm water for him and that didn't work either. He will eat it cold, though...but that bothers some kitties' stomachs (cold food). He does fine with it, so I'm thankful for that at least.

I think it could be the timing too, like jcat said.

If it doesn't work out, you should be able to return/exchange it, if you picked it up locally.
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Im just trying to get her on a wet diet period. Dogs aren't this finicky! Cats are picky, love them the same but geeze!
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It took few days for my kittens to get into Felidae food. I would say give her a few days before you say it doesn't work. The great thing is most stores will take it back if your animals don't like the food.
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I've learned never to buy a case of anything--as soon as I do, the cat(s) refuse to eat the food. Instead, I rotate through several varieties and a couple of brands to keep each meal "exciting." Odo will tolerate reheated food (I do so by mixing in some hot water rather than microwaving), so he gets the same stuff twice and then on to something else.
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Originally Posted by jcat View Post
Jamie won't eat the same food two meals in a row, or for that matter, for more than two meals in one week, so I'm not surprised. Hope your kitten gets used to eating the wet Felidae!

I have this problem, we feed a dry meal in between the wet ones, but they won't eat the same wet twice in a row
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Well I gave her some lastnight and she ate it, not all of it but still went to town! I also gave her a little scoop this morning mixed with a little dry food and she ate that as well! Maybe its a go but I don't want to jinx myself so early on! She still likes her crunchy food as well, or maybe she just likes variety?
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Well I'm glad to hear that she ate it.

I agree with the others, about the variety...I think variety is a good thing for all sorts of reasons. Starting with my funny cats, who also won't eat the same thing 3 times in a row...sometimes not even twice.

Have you offered her any of the Natural Balance food? My cats are all over that stuff now. Their favorite is the Venison/Green Pea...they like all of the others too but that one is their favorite. I think it is available in the small (3oz) Petco...or it comes in a 6 oz too. It's completely non-menu, no wheat gluten, etc.

I will add that the NB Venison is all that Precious wants to eat I guess variety is not always the spice of life. If you find something they insist on eating , that you like for them to eat...then I wouldn't fight it too much.
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I was going to get Natural Balance but I ended up going to Petworld not Petco! They didn't have it Petworld! That will be the next round of wet's for her to try! She loved the Wellness Kitten formula but I have been weary about that since the recall! Paranoia I suppose!
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