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People Food

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He is doing ok- I am getting him to eat kitten chow if I wet it down with tuna water. He is also eating some tuna. He jumped up on the dining table this morning and took a piece of my 5 yo son's toast!! He totally wants human food only!! He is so stubborn. When we eat, I have to make sure everything I need is on the table or he sneaks up and steals food. I keep a water spraybottle on the table, it send him away, but not for long. He is more stubborn!! This cat eats broccoli- tell me he is not weird!!!
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I thought one of my kittens was going to munch down a pickle yesterday. I remember your post about this earlier but I don't recall any of the advice you got. If I was having the same trouble as you I'd put the cat in another room while I ate.
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Well maybe not completely normal... but, I have a cat who likes peppers!! And Naan bread!! And popcorn, and baked beans... :LOL:
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lol - broccoli

Cooper loves Garlic!!!!!!!!

(when she farts it smells like pizza!)

sorry for being so graphic in the morning!!
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lehessa,I have heard that garlic is very bad for cats.Anything from the lily family ie,onions shallots garlic causes mouth and stomach ulsers and is damaging to the red blood cells.
My Bailey used to love garlic when he was a kitten but somedody told me that i should never ever give a cat garlic and when I researched it on the net it was indeed true.I stopped giving it to him immediately.Anybody else heard this?
Purrrrs Veronica
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I dont' give her real garlic.... (I know better than that)

We buy garlic flavored (all fake) almonds....

Cooper likes to lick the power off the nuts
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We've got a "middle-eastern" cat who loves pita and hummus, and another who can't get enough of canteloupe (my parents' cat also loves melons). Our kitten will try to eat anything, so we have to be careful when we're working in the kitchen - she was running off with a piece of raw potato the other day... Of course everyone shows up when a can of tuna or salmon is bing opened.
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my cat had a pretty bad weight problem so i was researching for alternatives- I came across this book called "Is Your Cat Too Fat"

It says that some people food is okay and even gives "cat safe" recipes that you AND your cat can eat for dinner!

Maybe toast isnt that great if it's white bread, but if your kitty likes people food that much you could check out that book!

charlottiek, Ninikitty, Lila
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My cat likes bread too. Sometimes I throw bread (or tortillas) out for the birds to eat and he runs out there and eats it off the ground! haha! silly kitty! I figure if most brands of cat food is made of corn meal, then a little bread won't hurt him.

Now broccoli? haha - thats a good one!

I met a lady last week who told me she cooks rice for her cats. She said it was good for their digestive system. I've seen rice listed in some cat foods - even Iams so it must be ok. She also said peas and carrots are good for them, but I have no idea where she heard that.

Sometimes I give mine a little dab of plain yogurt, or a tiny piece of American cheese for a little treat.
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Cat do like strange things.

Goat's (NOT cow's) cheese
Marmalade and honey

And Ferdy, my little black dustbin will eat anything left on a plate. I even came back into the room once and caught him licking the remains of the curry (Ken's curry at that - spicy)! off the plate.

I guess for a cat that has been used to scavenging, nothing is inedible.

Fifi and Balie are much more discerning though!
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