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the Daily Thread HUMP DAY 4-11

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Morning cat peeps!

I would have thought Nat would be right in here starting the Hump Day thread.. She must be getting slack...

Warmer here today, with some rain we need more of.

How about a scientific holiday for us today???

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good morning, how about a extra beer day,
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Morning! It's a gorgeous sunny day here, so much so that i thought i'd better get the light coat on this morning and put the winter one away.

Ooh and i better get into the VF forums Nita because i've bought a couple of new plants for the garden
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morning! my puppy should be here soon!!!. im on my 2nd pot of coffee this morning school busses are running 2 hours late cause we got alot of snow lastnight. i have to walk to work today (UGH!) a mile in the fresh snow it will take me about 45 minutes cause they dont clear our trails and the one i take goes right to my work. normally it takes me 15-20 minutes to walk to work. ok im going to stare out the front window and wait for my sister to bring jibbers home!!!
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The official 'drinks' holiday is not until November so in the mean time, June 18th is National Splurge Day - you could splurge on extra beers!

I am working from home today so being a little lazy and giving my brain some time to actually rest
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Good morning!

13 days left till I'm out of school. Tonight I have to give a short presentation about what my term paper will be about, so I need to get some work done on it. Right now I don't have much to say.

But great news! Yesterday I finally got the money from selling my life insurance. I'm rich!!
It's enough money so that I don't have to worry about having a job as soon as I finish school. So I don't have to start looking for a job at the same time as I'm writting 4 papers.
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"Fate fell short this time/Your smile fades in the summer/Place your hand in mine/I’ll leave when I wanna"
Day off today

Already been up for ages so I've posted my package and watched the last episode of Life on Mars

Got to re-install my Nortons and buy some new jeans today

Just to cheer up those that have to work...
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Mooooooooorning everyone!!

Dang, I will never get to start the humpday thread I am never up early enough on Wednesdays.

Um, not much going on here today, we could get some snow rain that'll be nice

I hope ya'll have a super humpy day I know I won't
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Good Morning all,
The sun is shining and it is supposed to get up in the 70's here today. I have no big plans for today but to clean the house and catch up on laundry..Everyone have a great day.
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Well, it's been interesting so far. The first time I logged on to TCS the pages were taking forever to load, so I hit another site and started cleaning the dump -er- computer desk so I can install my "new" printer. (Old one making odd noises and sis gave me the one that came with her new computer.)

I really should clean the dump -er- desk more often.

While doing this I unplugged the power strip. Argh.

Anyway, Ari has been getting in the way and almost dumped my filing - er - pile of papers and just being a nuisance.

Oh, found a $20 bill and about $2 in quarters. And a pile of mouse turds. Yep, need to clean more often.

Nate? Thanks for the pic of Leonidas/Gerard Butler.
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Decided to get my walk in before the snow starts-the 1st 1 1/2 miles was ok-the reverse route was into a rather stiff wind and little flakes of snow-not too much fun walking in that!! Snow not supposed to start until this afternoon. Weatherman bumped up the snow totals to 6-8" by this time tomorrow-it should melt by Saturday though!!
Not much on the agenda today-staying warm by the fire!!
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I've put a new Nortons on my puter as the last one was having some kind of tantrum.
Not only has this been a long and painful process but they seem to have redesigned it just to frighten you
I officially hate Nortons
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Originally Posted by silentNate View Post
I've put a new Nortons on my puter as the last one was having some kind of tantrum.
Not only has this been a long and painful process but they seem to have redesigned it just to frighten you
I officially hate Nortons
Good job Nate!!!
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made it in here before humpday was gone... busy day today took the pregnant kitty to vet for sneezing.. took child to Dr. went to the post office. Did all that without coffee and i'm Draggin some A#$. But because i saw nate's post of Gerard Butler i know! i have a second wind coming on, and a trip to my bedroom hahaha

Nate? Thanks for the pic of Leonidas/Gerard Butler.

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Afternoon all since I'm uber late!

It's a snowday today....too bad I don't have class today! Keeping my fingers crossed that class is canceled for tomorrow...I don't wanna drive 30 minutes in snow.
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Spent the day at our Peterborough office today, so pooped now! Snow supposed to start again tonight.
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Afternoon everyone,
I spent the morning working and watching the wonder that is snow in springtime.
I can't believe it's snowing on the 11th of April. This is so weird.
Fortunately it isn't sticking and the roads are fine.

It's supposed to be this way all night. Yuck!!! Oh well, I'm home and happy. Hopefully nothing else happens at work that I need to go there for. I just want a quiet night to relax. I am SO tired. This stress is killing me. I am always stressed but this is to thepoint where I can't sleep again and it's not good. I crashed a few days ago for 13 hours but haven't hardly slept since then. I hate not having a buyer for this house knowing what troubles we are going to have moneywise if we don't sell it asap. We just got estimates for new siding and a new roof on our new house and they almost made me have a heart attack. $10,000 for the roof and $11,000 for siding. OUCH!! What, do they think we are made of money? And that's from DH's cousin! YIKES!!!
I guess we will be getting more estimates and hoping they are lower so we can afford the things we want to do to the house asap. Otherwise we might have made a HUGE mistake I'm afraid.

UGH! Oh well, have a great night for me everyone!!!
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