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I need your advice - missing claw

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At some point in the early hours of Sunday morning my little girl Kitten has manages to totally rip one of her back claws off.

It was bleeding and there is just a little pink stump where the claw was. She's been limping on that leg and cries every time I go near that foot. I've been cleaning the area with salt water and she is fine in herself 90% of the time. there is just 10% where she is feeling sorry for herself (she's always been a high maintenance girl).

My question is, is there any point in taking her to the vets? is there really anything they can do for her at this stage? My vets tend to charge an extortionate amount of money just to check her over so I'd rather save myself the money and her the stress of travelling if there is nothing they can do.

Please advise me on this
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If the wound doesn't look infected or has puss, etc., then you might be fine in keeping it clean. However, I think I'd have a vet look at it. They might need to wrap it to keep it clean. You don't want the foot to be in litter, etc.

You can try to wrap it up, but in my experience, the vets know the trick in keeping the bandage on - never has worked well for us in wrapping a paw/leg, etc.
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I've wrapped my cat's foot for only 4 hours and when I got home from the store, his feet had swolen to 3x their size! I guess I put the bandages on too tight. After I removed the bandages, the swelling slowly went down overnight. There was no discoloration. He's fine now. I'm not sure why it happened, but just thought I'd share my experience. Even if you don't take him into a vet, maybe you could call in to get advice about how to treat it (or bandage it, in my case)
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