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Wetting in her sleep.

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Long time lurker, first time poster.

I've had my Burmese Kitten since for ~8months, since she was 12wks old.

At the start of the year in late Jan (6.5mo) she got out of the house and was missing for 2 weeks, a frightful time. She was returned by a neighbor and I immediately took her to the vet, a local one I have been using. Her right ear was torn up pretty badly which I was given antibiotics for and has now healed well, but she was healthy apart from that.

Since then whenever she sleeps she moves violently and kicks and scratches in her sleep, like she is running or fighting. Sometimes she snarls or hisses. I wake her up whenever I notice her start and hold her for a bit and she settles down but I think she does it every time she sleeps. Coupled with the movement in her sleep she also wets herself, which has become a big problem for my housemate and myself. I can no longer have her sleep in my room because of the problem and if I leave her in the lounge room for the day she will sleep on the couch or dining chairs and wet on them. Lately it has become bad and I return home from work to find a few stains on the couch or floor. What is worse is that she must not recognize it because her legs are wet with urine and I have to bathe her almost every night. Currently she is confined to the bathroom with her bed, food, water, litter and toys while nobody is home. I hate doing it to her, but have been unable to find a solution.

While I am home with her she uses the litter tray perfectly without a problem and she has used it at night while I am asleep. Her problem is only wetting in her sleep. Hope I can find some help!

Thanks in advance.
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Have you discussed this with your vet at all? I think it would be safe to say that a good, thorough exam might be in order to rule out any possibility of a health-related issue. Once that is done, exploring the use of some calming methods such as Feliway or Rescue Remedy might also be in order.
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I've heard of this with puppies, and usually they outgrew it (but it took several months- almost a year in one case...). Also, not to scare you, but my dog wet herself in her sleep when she had a seizure in her sleep (the seizure was caused by low thyroid, and she has been fine since she started taking her meds) so I would video tape it if you possibly can and take it with you to the vet. But the most important thing would be to make sure she is physically okay with that trip to the vet .
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