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Looking at Tavia

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And she is curled up on my bed and the first thing that comes to my mind is how much I love my cat and how much she really means to me. And how I don't know what I would ever do without her.
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I know the feeling. Aren't cats the best things?
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i know that feeling as well with the exception of 5 more cats but blue, stormie, and bella r mine, and well willie me and my mom share "custody" of and tessa is hers and midnight is my brothers but I love them all so much, and today i walked in my room and bella was curled up under the covers and blue was on top of her on the covers I couldnt get the picture blue got up so she could cuddle with me! I only wish they would cuddle without the covers u think with 6 cats someone would cuddle together, well besides on me, like yesterday bella was on my chest and blue was on my thighs just soo cute! People say i love animals more than people, and well its true ecs my babies! So I know exactly how u feel!
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lol its fun to wake up, with eazy curled up next to my ear, purrrrring away.
and heyu curled up aganist my back.

hehe along with cat toys, and sometimes dead spiders.
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