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a good breed for a therapy cat?

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Hi everyone. I have two sweet kitties at home who I love to death...but every time I take them to the vet and put them in carriers they cry and cry and it breaks my heart. I think that I will have to leave them with my mom because I do not want to put them through the trauma of moving.

I have been thinking of getting a new cat to register as a therapy cat. I get really freaked out sometimes and I am a lot calmer when I have my cat with me. Ever since I was very young my mom would place me with my cat when I started crying and call it "fast cat relief" because I would stop crying pretty soon after!

If I were getting this cat for any other need I would get a cat from the shelter but I need a cat who would not freak out if I had to move or if the cat was placed in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people. I would like to take the cat for walks and have a cat that would be very loving and affectionate and like to sleep on my bed every night. What breeds do you think would be best for a cat like this, or does this kind of cat exist? I know I've seen really chill "store" cats who have tons of people going in and out and they just sleep or hang out on the cat tree. But I've also seen store cats get spooked sometimes too... What do you think??
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I have to say, in my eyes it doesn't matter if it is a purebred, although I am sure some are more skid dish then others. It has everything to do with the time and experiences you share with them as kittens. Maia went with me overnight to friends houses, traveled with me in cars, was harness trained and carried out and about often, all when she was 3-6 months old. She is a year and 1 month now and has no stress in a car, goes with me to my boyfriends house and loves it! I know I would have no problem if I did have to move, she is very trusting of my guidance, as long as I am with her and assure her everything is going to be ok, she is more then happy to be where I am instead of home alone. My kitty Pandora was the same way, both adopted from shelters, and completely different personalities!
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Hi! So you're saying if I expose them to a lot of walks and car rides and people as a kitten they should be fine? Is there anything I should look for in a kitten?

Also where can I get more information about therapy cats? I wouldn't be using my cat to help other people but to keep me from panicking on my own.
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I would recommend getting a kitten- and not an older cat. That way you can "train" them the way you want them. My PHX, however, I got a few months ago and he was orginally from an animal shelter. He is a siamese/mix about 1 yr old. If your looking for good company I would recommend getting a siamese or oriental cat- they will seriously talk to you 24\\7 if your available He will go with me over to the neighbors and hang out there with me and has no problem with it.. actually he ASKS ME to go with lol. Right now he's being trained with the leash and is loving it. Whenever I go outside he will look at me like "hey, are you bringing me.. what's up" LOL soooo adorable. He also likes to cuddle and sleeps with me in bed The only downfall is when I am not home- he hates being by himself.
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I would talk to a rescue or shelter (maybe more than one) and tell them that you are looking for a therapy cat. A kitten or an older cat would work because your looking for a very social laid back personality that doesn't spook easily
My cat Diesel is 1/2 persian and has had the same personality from the time that we brought him home (at 12 weeks) My other kitten is a Ragdoll and while laid back and loving around family he does not appreciate company and hates to go anywhere.
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There is a breed of longhair cat this is known to be great for therapy because they get along with all ages of people and sometimes other animals, but I forgot which breed?
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I don't know about breeds but bottle-fed kittens make great therapy animals because they are soo OVER-socalized too people and human handling. Call a local rescue groups and tell them your needs.....with kitten season coming up there is bound to be dozens of motherless orphans that are found and turned into shelters. Our shelter gets sevral litters that need bottle-feeding per month during kitten season.

Maybe offer to foster/bottleraise an orphaned litter - that way you can help a good cause AND groom, socalise, and mold the personality of your chosen kitten(s) from near birth. Win/Win situation
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