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really sick kitty...

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My cat, Otis, started a few weeks ago with a patch of missing fur on his back right between his shoulder blades. We have another cat, Bleu, and thought maybe they got in a fight but then the bald patch got red and infected looking. The vet gave us an anti-fungal ointment to put on it and he has to wear a tube sock around his body to keep him from scratching it with his back paws. It scabbed up and started looking better but now it is spreading down his back. There are all of these new patches of red, irritated skin and he is miserable - trying to scratch and lick it and he rolls around on his back and cries all the time. I am really worried about him. What should I do? I'm afraid it will just keep spreading. Both of the cats are being treated for ring worm but I don't think that is the cause of his rash. I looked on the site about feline skin irritations and nothing seemed to match. The vets can't even figure it out. My poor little Otie is so miserable...
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hmmm...can he be allergic to something ? That sometimes can happen when they are allergic to something! Or when they just have very dry skin or "hot spots"
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Did the vet do any tests?
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It could be an allergy. Did you recently change foods or get anything new in the house that he might be allergic to?
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Maybe it is a reaction to the anti fungal. you need to call the vet.
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