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I don't really like the name Cuddles, but it suits her! I like unique names that aren't used often. But with her litter, I am going to keep with this years idea and name the litter similar to her name, like a theme. (We have a cat named Possum that had 3 babies, Moose, Penguin, Panda)
Someone already recommended Snuggle(s) to me.. but I am still looking for more 'forms of affection' if anyone wants to recommend anything.

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Thats cool, i like that. Hmm, I'm trying to think of names that would work then. thats hard!
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I'm also thinking Hugs and Kisses.

Still no babies. And as far as I know, no discharge.. hard to tell when she won't stop squirming!
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Dunno why this tickles me, but I have always liked the word "Smooch" for a cat's name.
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Here are the names I like!

Nestle and Nuzzle





hope these help! I love the theme!
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I think it's going to be tonight.

She is discharging a fair amount, it doens't smell, thats the first thing I checked. She is also looking around the room, being more adventurous than she has been since I brought her home.

I ended up having to take my sisters closet door off and putting it on this closet door, because she kept going in there, and the last thing I need is for her to have them in the closet where all my sisters clothes are. (other sisters room, but she moved out, leaving alot of her stuff here, I've been staying in that room because it has a door)

I emptied out a laundry basket and put a blanket in there, as well as a basket.. but wherever she has them she will need to be moved into the cage, I can't let my mum know that she's been out.

But I think it is going to happen by morning hopefully.
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Thats exciting! I hopeshe has them soon, everyone else is really keeping us wiating, maybe they are all waiting to follow her lead. Good luck and keep us updated! and i like hugz and kisses for names too.
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Nothing yet.

I couldn't check for discharge this morning because she is being a little fidgety, didn't want me to look at her bum.

She continued to check around the room for the rest of the night.
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Here's some pictures of her I took today.

On her babyblanket right beside my pillow. I thought she was going to have them there beside my head the other night.

What're you doing foster meowmy?

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Thanks for the update! She's beautiful! Hope it's soon now!
And enormous kudos for taking her in.
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What a tease. I like unique names as well for cats. I like the name Cuddles of course though because that is the name of my grandparent's old dog who I adored. I'm kind of glad though that you are planning on changing it because to me Cuddles makes me think of my grandparent's white, fluffy dog and so it really seems it like it doesn't suit this cat.

Your cat looks a lot like my first cat. It's a very ironic story but my parents didn't know he was a Maine Coone when they got him (from a shelter) and they named him Timine (short for petit minou which means little kitten in French) and he ended up becoming a very, very large cat. Unless you speak French I wouldn't recommend naming her Timine though because it would be a little awkward, haha.
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I'm not allowed to change her name, but I am allowed to name the babies, thats why I wanted suggestions.

I think it'll be soon.. she had what appears to be a mucus plug on her back end this morning.
and she's grooming her naughty bits alot. So hopefully it'll be by tonight.
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She seems to be haviong contractions (I think) and the babies are kicked around like mad! This is the first time I have felt them in a few days.

Hopefully it's soon!
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is everything ok ? any babies ? how is cuddles doing?
(Pacing the floor here).... want to see the babies
sending easy delivery vibes your way

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No babies yet.

She is laying on my bed, not wanting to move really.. but really affectionate still..
I haven't seen what I thought were contractions since this afternoon, so I dunno.
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