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Cats and new carpeting

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My fiancee just got new carpet installed in 2 spare bedrooms and on the downstairs stairs. I just got a text message from her saying that the cats were already clawing at the new carpeting on the stairs. They used to do this often on the old carpeting, but were usually corrected when doing it. Is there any way to discourage this behavior (without declawing the cats of course)? They have a scrathing post that they almost never use. This house will be put up for sale in a couple months, so any damage to the carpet will be apparent to a potential buyer. Thanks in advance!
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Be careful with new carpets, they can put off fumes that are bad for people and pets. So if either of you start getting headaches it might be a good idea to open windows.

Can you try a product like Soft Paws? These are soft plastic caps that you glue over your cats claws after trimming. Since it's only a couple of months and you need the carpets undamaged it might be the simplest solution.
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A cat tree (with similar carpeting on it, plus maybe a little catnip as an attractor at first) could certainly help, and if you can manage it, at the same time use a plastic carpet runner on the stairs to discourage that scratching. You may have a problem though otherwise unless you keep the cats just upstairs or something til the house is sold.
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